HSC Admission 3rd Merit List Result 2023- HSC Migration Result

HSC Admission Result

Bangladesh all  Govt and Private College HSC Admission 3rd Merit List Result 2023 has been published. HSC Admission 3rd Merit List 2023 has been Published on 18 January 2023. The HSC Migration Result 2023 has also been Published on 18 January 2023. This is the XI Class 2nd Migration Result 2023. HSC Admission Result Last Merit List will also be Published on 18 January 2023. College Admission Results can be found from the XI Class Admission System website (xiclassadmission.gov.bd). Students has also been be informed of the College Admission Result 2022-23 by SMS. Merit List, Waiting List and Migration Result will be published in same process. There are three Merit List and two Migration Results will be Published for all Government and non-government College XI Class Admission. The Admission Result for XI Class Admission 2022-2023 has been Published Simultaneously for Dhaka, Dinajpur, Barisal, Chittagong, Comilla, Rajshahi, Jessore, Sylhet, Mymensingh Board. The Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board Alim Admission Result has also been Published with the XI Class Result 2023.

HSC Merit List 2022-23

A total of three merit lists and two migration results has been published for the XI Class Admission 2022-23. After publishing the 1st merit list, the second phase of applications will begin. The second merit list will be published for the second phase of applications and from the waiting list of the first merit list. After the confirmation of the second step, the third phase of the application will be started. The third merit list will be published from the third phase of applications and waiting lists. Also, HSC 1st migration result with 2nd merit list and 2nd migration result with 3rd merit list will be published. However, third phase applicants will not get any migration facility.

HSC Admission 3rd Merit List 2023

On January 18, 2023, the HSC 3rd merit list was published. This merit list has been published for the 3rd phase applicants and those who are not on the first and second merit list. Students on the HSC Admission 3rd Merit List 2023, will have to confirm admission between January 19 and 20, 2023. If the selection is not confirmed within this period, their nomination will be canceled. They will have to apply again in the third phase.

HSC Migration Result 2023

There are Two HSC Migration Result 2023 will be published for XI Class Admission 2022-2023. HSC 2nd Migration Result will be published for the students in 2nd merit list. The second migration result will be published for both the first and second merit lists. However, no migration result will be published for the third merit list student.

The first migration result will be published with the second merit list, and the second migration result will be published with the third merit list.

If the student's preferences change through migration, he/she will have to be admitted to that college. There is no way to change the college or return to the previous college. Migration will be in the order of preference of the student. The Migration will be up order. It will not be down the order of the Choice. If the college is changed through migration, there is no need to confirm the selection anew.

  • 2nd Migration Result: HSC 2nd Migration Result will be released on 18 January 2023.
  • 1st Migration Result: HSC 1st Migration Result has been released on 12 January 2023.

HSC Admission 1st Merit List

The HSC 1st Merit List 2022 was published on December 31, 2022. Results has been released at 7 pm on website. However, it will be communicated via SMS to the applicants much earlier. Students who have been placed on the 1st merit list have to confirm their admission between January 1 and January 8, 2023. If the admission is not confirmed, his or her nomination will be canceled. He/she will have to apply again in the second step.

HSC 3rd Merit List Result 2023

The HSC 3rd merit list will be published on January 18, 2023. Students will be informed of the result via SMS at 8 p.m. Students on the HSC Admissions Third Merit List have to confirm their admission between January 19 and January 20, 2023.

HSC Admission Result 2022

XI Class Admission Result 2023

The XI Class Admission 2021-22 processes will continue in several steps. The admission process will start from 8th January 2022 and will continue till 24th February.

The XI Class Admission Result 2022 will be published in a few steps. Three merit lists will be published in three steps. At the same time, two migration results will be published. After publishing the merit list in each step, it has to be confirmed within the stipulated time frame. If not confirmed, the nomination will be canceled. The student must also confirm in order to get the migration facility. However, once the admission is confirmed, no new application can be made.

Event Name

Publication Date

Confirmation Date

1st Merit List

31 December 2022

1st January 2023 to 8 January 2023

2nd Merit List

12 January 2023

13 January to 14 January 2023

1st Migration Result

12 January 2023

No Need

3rd Merit List

18 January 2023

19 January 2023 to 20 January 2023

2nd Migration Result

18 January 2023

No need

How to know the HSC Admission Result?

The HSC Admission Result 2023 will be published through the official Admission website and via SMS. The admission committee will inform the results of the applicants by SMS. The results will be sent to the mobile number that has been provided on the application. Students will also be able to know the results from the XI Class Admission System website. From here, you can find the merit list, waiting list, and migration results. Results can be checked with the applicants' SSC or equivalent information. Follow the instructions below to know the result.

  1. Visit the admission website xiclassadmission.gov.bd.
  2. Click here to enter the Result option.
  3. Type your SSC / Equivalent Roll.
  4. Select Board and Pass Year.
  5. Type the registration number.
  6. Click on the View Results option.

College Admission Result 2023

After the publication of all the merit lists and migration results, the final list will be published based on the college. HSC College Admission Result (Final List) will be published on 22 January 2023. The college-based list will be released in the morning. Colleges can download this list by logging in. The Admission Process will be completed with this final list. Admission activities will start from this day. Admission from the final list has to be completed between 22 January 2023 to 26 January 2023. Classes will start from 1st February, 2023, for newly admitted students.



ভাইয়া ২৫ তারিখ যে রেজাল্ট আসবে সেখানে যদি আমার পছন্দ মতো কলেজ না আসে তাহলে আমাকে অটোমাইগ্রেশনের জন্য কি করতে হবে।

I think, you must have chosen the colleges of your choice. From there you will be nominated for a college. But if you don't get your first college, you will get the benefit of migration. You need to confirm admission to get the benefits of migration. There is nothing to do for auto migration. Just wait. The first migration result will be released on September 4 and the second migration result on September 10.

w8 korte hbe

200 tk diye confirm korte hobe

আমাদের যে ২৫ তারিক রেজাল্ট দিবে এর পর যে নিচ্চিত করন করতে হবে একানে কয় টাকা খরচ হবে? আর কলেজের ভরতি কখন থেকে কোন মাসের এবং ভরতির সময় কি কি লাগবে?

You need to confirm if you are nominated for any college. If not confirmed, the nominated college will be canceled and you will have to re-apply. TK. 200 will be required to confirm. Final admission will start on 13th September and admission will end on 15th September.

Confrom ki babe korbo

25tarik koi tai dibe? 25 tarik sure dibe to?

Results will be released on August 25 at 8 pm. However, before that, the authorities will start informing the applicant through SMS. Don't worry. Your result will be notified to your mobile number.

If I nominated for any Colleg, how I will I confirmed it? And I have not got any message from first merit. So, what I will do now? Wait for secondand thirdmerit list. And what is the primry application of 1,2,3 merit list.how will I applied? But I have online admission is that enoug?

I am continuously answering your question. The first merit list will be released on August 25 at 8 pm. Students will start getting results before 8 pm. Those who will be selected in the 1st merit list will confirm the college between 26th August and 30th August. College confirmation can be done by paying Tk. 200 through bKash, Rocket, SureCash etc. If he/she does not confirm within the stipulated time, his/her nominated college will be canceled. However, he/she will be able to apply again. But if someone confirms, he/she doesn't have to do anything else. Just wait. If someone does not get a place in the 1st merit list, he/she will wait for the second merit list. If wants, he/she can update his/her order of preference.

ভাইয়া আমার কোন কলেজে চান্স হয়েছে তা আমি বুঝবো কেমনে

Results will be released at 8 pm. The result will be notified to your mobile number. An SMS will be sent to the mobile number you used during the application.

Amar kon College a chance hoice ami bujte parci na

If I get admitted into another college,not into my 1st choice, I"ll get the benefits of migration automatically,right.?? But for this, Do I have to admit myself into that college,where I've been chosen for? Does that mean,I have to pay for both colleges??!!!

If you do not get the 1st college in your preferred list but get one of the preferred colleges then you will get auto migration facility if you confirm. One thing I am clear to you here, confirm does not mean admission. You will get migration facility after confirming. If your preferences improve through migration, you will only be admitted to the next college. You will not be able to get admission in the current college even if you want to.
Here is an example. Suppose you have got the college number 3 of your choice. Now you will confirm this nominated college of yours. Later, through migration, the college was changed and you got the No. 1 preferred college. Then you will be admitted in college number 1. Your No. 3 college will be canceled. Final admission will start from 13th September to 15th September. Even if your college changes, you don't have to reconfirmed it.

nischayon kybar korte hbe

Just Once! Confirmation Date is 26 August to 30 August for First Phase Applicants. That means, Students who are nominated for any college in First Merit List, they must confirm their College within this time frame if he/she want to admitted at this college or want to benefits of migration.

আমার আবেদনের সময় আসা বার্তাগুলো দুর্ভাগ্যবশত মুছে যায়।আমি এখন কীভাবে আইডি আর পিন টা ফিরে পেতে পারি।অনেক চেষ্টার পরেও পারতেছিনা।দয়া করে সঠিক তথ্য দিয়ে যদি সাহায্য করতেন।

Don't worry about it. Just be Active your Mobile Phone. The First Merit List will be Published Today at 8:00 pm. In this Message, Authority will be send you the Security code again. However, You can be Recover your Security Code with Confirmation TXN ID too. So, If you are nominated for any college, Confirm it first and Reserved the confirmation Message.

মেসেজ না আসলে কি করা

Don't worry. Please wait. If possible, check the results from the website. If you are selected for a college, you must confirm it by August 30.

migration ki surely hobe.
naki nao hote pare.
ar confirm naa kore ki no 1 choice e jete parbo

There is no guarantee of migration. If you migrate, you will go to the upper college. If migration is not possible, your current college will remain.

result cheak korbo kivabe?

Hopefully by now your result has reached via SMS. Detailed results can be seen on the website. You can follow the procedure to know the result of this article to know the XI Class Admission Result online.

I have received my result already. I need to pay Tk. 200/- for confirmation now through bKash. I don't see the payment link anywhere how to pay this.

Plz. help.


Congratulations! You can follow Selection Confirmation Article in Result Bangladesh website. Hope to find detailed information about confirmation here. You can also visit the official website. There is a separate menu for confirmation.

ভাইয়া আমার এস এম এস তো আসতেছে না
এখন কি করব

Please wait. There is no problem without SMS. You can check your results from the website. If you are selected for any college, confirm within 26th August to 30th August.

কলেজ নিশ্চিত হওয়ার পর মাইগ্রেশন এর মাধ্যমে অন্য কলেজে কি ভর্তি হওয়া যাবে? যদি মাইগ্রেশন না হয় তখন কি করব? কারণ যে কলেজে নিশ্চিত করবো সে কলেজে ভর্তি হতে ইচ্ছুক নই।

If you do not want to be admitted in this College where you selected anywise, then it is not right to confirm. Migration may or may not change your college. If you do not confirm, you will not get the benefit of migration. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of your current selection and you need to reapply in next phase. Note that even after confirmation, you can change your preference order a maximum of 2 times.


আমি যদি আমার ফার্স্ট selection confirm na করি তবে ki next time apply করতে পারবো ,, আগের কলেজ গুলোতে। যেগুলো আমি আগে choice দিছিলাম। migration na করে results cancel করে dile

If you do not confirm the selection, you can apply again. You can even give the same order of preference that you have given now. That means you can give any college of your choice. But keep in mind that the number of seats will continue to decrease. If the GPA is not satisfactory, it may be difficult to get the current college again.

Vai a. ami cofirm kore falsi. r akhon postatsi. kano korlam. to vai a akhon ami ki notun kore College choice dite parbo ki??

Though my score is 1104 and better than of my friends but their result came in 1st merit and i am not elected in 1st selection then what does that mean?

This is Very sad Anisha. Firstly, verify that your application has been properly processed. Secondly, not getting the 1st college of your choice depends on your preference. Suppose you choose a better college than your friend. The college that your friend got is possible with a relatively low GPA, in which case you may not get a college. In other words, the whole thing depends on the order of preference. If you wish, you can make changes to the preference order or preference list before publishing the second merit list.

1st merit list asha nai. 6 college select krcilam. 2nd time apply krar ketre ki new kra college add kra jabena?

Yes. You can make changes to your Preference Order and list, if you want.

I didn't got any college in 1st merit list . What should I do now ? Is it necessary to reapply or I will get a college automatically in 2nd merit list ? If I have to , then can I just go with that 1st time choices or I have to add new colleges ??

Assalamualaikum. Amr first choice jeta chilo sheta Allhamdulilah esheche. Kintu ami jodi ekhn 2nd choice ta te jete chai tahole ki abr apply krte hbe?

Since you got your first choice you will not be able to get admitted to another college through migration. If you do not confirm it will be automatically canceled and you will be able to apply again in the next step. But it probably wouldn’t be a wise thing to do. You may not get this college later. Because the number of seats will continue to decrease.
However, if you want, you can change your order twice before migration after confirmation. In that case you can leave the current college later and try to re-order your expected college first.

ভাইয়া আমার তো কনফারমেশন মেসেজ টি আসেনি এখন আমি কি করবো? প্লিস হেল্প করুন ।

Dont worry about SMS. Check your Result online. If you getting chance, Confirm your Selection from 26 August to 30 August. If you are not in First merit list, wait for next.

I am selected for college but I can't get any SMS what I should do now?

Dont worry about SMS. If you are selected for any college and you want to admitted yourself, Confirm your Selection from 26 August to 30 August.

Dont worry about SMS. If you are selected for any college and you want to admitted yourself, Confirm your Selection from 26 August to 30 August.

I just paid TK.200 for Confirmation throw BKash.Now How I can be sure that my admission wl be at VNSC.

Subah, Thanks for your Nice Comment. If you already Confirmed your Selection, Check your Confirmation Status through website. There are a checking option on Admission Website. If all are ok, there are nothing to worried. Just wait and The final Admission Process will be done from 13 September to 15 September.


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