HSC Admission Result 2020 | 3rd Merit & Migration

HSC Admission Result Bangladesh

HSC Admission Result 2020-21 for 3rd Merit List and 2nd Migration Result has been Published. It has been Published, Today 10 September 2020 more earlier than the scheduled time. The second merit list has also been published on the basis of SSC and equivalent examination results.

The results published for those who did not get a place in the first and Second merit list and for those who applied in the third phase. In addition, the HSC Admission 2nd Migration Result published for those who have secured a place in the 1st and 2nd merit list.

Those who are selected in the HSC Admission 3rd Result will have to confirm the admission between 11th to 12th September. If the college does not confirm within the stipulated time, its selection will be canceled. Those who will change colleges in the 2nd migration do not have to re-confirm. They will only be admitted to the last college finalized by migration.

Earlier, the 1st merit list of HSC Admission Result was published on August 25 and 2nd Merit list was published on 4 September 2020. Also, the 1st Migration Result Published on 4 September 2020. The deadline for confirmation of admission for the 1st merit list was from 26th August to 30th August. The 2nd Merit List Confirmation Deadline was 5 and 6 September 2020. Then the third phase application begins. The third phase application runs from 7 and 8 September 2020.

The College Admission Result in Bangladesh has been published together for all colleges and Madrasah. The Admission results of all Education Boards like - Dhaka, Rajshahi, Comilla, Jessore, Chittagong, Barisal, Sylhet, Dinajpur, Mymensingh, and Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board will be published at the same time and in the process through the Central Admission System.

If the GPA of a student is equal then the total number and subject-based number will be considered. A total of three merit lists will be published for the College Admission. The second merit list will be published first. The Third and Last Merit list will be published after the second. The selection has to be confirmed after the publication of each merit list. If someone does not confirm the selection within the stipulated time, his/her nomination will be canceled. They can be re-applied. The XI Class Admission process has to be completed between 13th September to 15th September.

When HSC Admission Result 2020 Will Publish?

The College Admission Result 2020-21 will be published in three steps. The first merit list after the first phase application, the second merit list after the second phase application, and the third merit list after the third phase application will be published. Let's know the Result Publication Date, the Migration Result Date, and other information.

3rd Merit List: The 3rd Merit List of HSC Admission Result 2020 will be published on September 10, 2020. The third merit list will be the Last Merit List for XI Class Admission 2020-21 for all colleges. Simultaneously the third phase result and the HSC 2nd migration Result 2020 will be published.

Those who have not been nominated for any college in the 1st and 2nd merit list or have not been confirmed even after getting college nomination from the order of preference will be nominated in the third list. Moreover, those who have applied in the third step without the primary application in the 1st and 2nd phase will also be included in the third merit list.

No migration result will be published for those who will be selected for admission in any college in the 3rd merit list.

Those who get a place in the third merit list have to confirm the selection between 11th September and 12th September 2020. Failure to confirm within this period will result in the cancellation of their nomination.

Final Results: College-based final HSC Admission Result for class XI will be released on 13th September 2020, at 8 am. After that, the admission process of students will start. Admission from the final list will continue till September 15.

2nd Merit List: The 2nd merit list for the College Admission Result will be published on 4 September 2020. At the same time, the second phase application result, and the result of the 1st migration will be published. Those who did not get a place in the first merit list and those who applied primarily in the second phase will be given a place in the second merit list. Those who got a place in the first merit list but applied anew without confirming the admission will also be included in the second merit list.

Those who will get a place in the second merit list will have to confirm the college within the stipulated time. If not confirmed, his/her nomination will be canceled. Those who get a place in the second merit list have to be confirmed between 5th September to 6th September. For those who get a place in the 2nd merit list, the 2nd migration result will be published along with the 3rd merit list.

1st Merit List: The first merit list for HSC Admission Result will be published on August 25, 2020, at 8 pm. However, considering the results of other years, the results are expected to be released earlier than 8:00 pm. Students may be notified of the results via SMS before the scheduled date and time. Those who will get a place in the first merit list will have to confirm the admission within the stipulated time. Those who do not conform will have to re-apply within the stipulated time. Those who do not get a place in the 1st merit list will be on the waiting list and they will be given a place in the second merit list. In addition, those who do not get the first college of their choice in the first merit list and will be selected for admission in another college will be migrated automatically. The results of the 1st migration will be published along with the second merit list.

HSC Admission Result 2020

HSC Migration Result 2020-21

A total of two Migration Results will be published for HSC Admission Result 2020-2021. The HSC Migration Result will be published for those who get a place in the first merit list along with the second merit list. Migration results will be published for those who get a place in the second merit list along with the third merit list. But no migration results will be released for those who get a place in the third merit list.

HSC 1st Migration Result will be released on 4th September 2020. The 2nd Migration Result will be published on September 10, 2020.

Who will be considered eligible for migration? Let me explain a little. At the time of online application for XI Class Admission, there is an opportunity to give a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 colleges. If students are not selected for admission to any of the first colleges of their choice, they will be considered for migration if they are selected for the lower colleges.

In other words, if an applicant is selected for the 5th preferred college, then his/her migration is likely to go from 4 to 1 in the preferred order. If his/her migration is not possible then the current preference will remain. Preference is likely to be upward through migration. In no way will migration be downward.

In order for the applicant to get the benefit of migration, students must confirm their current selection. Only those who will confirm the selection will be considered for migration benefits. Those who do not ensure nomination within the stipulated time limit will have their selection canceled and will have to re-apply within the stipulated time limit.

How can I check my HSC Admission Result?

How do you know the HSC admission results? There is nothing to worry about the admission result of class XI. The Ministry of Education starting to notify about the Third Merit List Result via SMS. You will be received the result soon. The Central Admissions Authority will send a message to the mobile number you used during the application. The results of all the education boards will be published at once. The results will also be published online at the same time. If you want, you can get the detailed information including your merit score and college name online.

The HSC Admission Result 2020-2021 will be processed in three stages. The migration process will be run automatically a maximum of two times subject to initial confirmation. Even after the initial confirmation, a student can choose his/her college a maximum of twice. Each stage will be automated migration in order of preference. The migration will always go to the top of the order.

A student will get selection in only one college on the basis of the college preference given at the time of the application and the result of SSC / equivalent examination and quota etc. HSC admission results can be known online and via SMS.

Result by SMS

Students will be informed of the result via SMS on the scheduled date. There are not college name will be mentioned. Only the College EIIN Number and a Secret Security Code will be mentioned on this Message. To Find the Result with College name you must check your result online from below. At the same time, a confidential security code will be provided via SMS. This security code must be saved to confirm the final admission.

The HSC Admission Result 3rd Merit List will be informed to the student through SMS on 10 September 2020 at 8 pm, the result of the second merit list was published on 4th September at 8 pm and the result of the first merit list  was published on 25 August at 8 pm. Students do not need to send any SMS on their own.

Online Results by xiclassadmission gov bd

Students will be able to know the detailed HSC Admission Result from the admission website xiclassadmission.gov.bd. To know the HSC admission results of all the colleges under all the education boards, one has to login with the roll and registration number. The selected student has to confirm the college within the stipulated time. Results will be available on Result Corner on this website.

To Find your Result through this website, log in with your Roll and Registration Number. You will be found your Nominated College Name and Merit Position. There is no alternative website to Search XI Class Admission Result.

HSC Admission Result Bangladesh

Selection Confirmation

After publishing the HSC Admission Result 2020, students need to confirm their Selection. The candidate who has been nominated for any college needs to confirm their selection to admission to this college. The confirmation can be done by paying 200 Taka as Registration and other fees. If the selection is not confirmed, his/her nominated college will be canceled and he/she will have to apply again. No further fees will be required to apply for the second phase if someone is not confirmed. However, those who did not apply in the primary stages, they will have to apply online by pay the application fees.

In the first merit list of HSC Admission Result 2020, students must confirm their selection by paying 200 Taka from 26 August 2020 to 30 August 2020. The Second Merit List confirmation Date is 5 September to 6 September and the Third Merit List Confirmation Date is 11 September to 12 September. 

Selection can be confirmed through Mobile Banking System Nagad, bKash, Rocket, SureCash, Teletalk, Sonali Web Payment and Sonali eSheba. You can confirm admission in any one method suitable for you within the stipulated time frame. See the detailed instructions before Confirming the College. Detailed procedure for confirming admission will be published on the website. Confirm your selection through whichever payment method is right for you. Save the confirmation message you received after confirming. This transaction ID will help you recover the security code in the future if you lose it for any reason.

Security/ PIN Code

You received a security code with a confirmation message after you applied online. You will also be given a secret security code when you are notified of your HSC Admission Result 2020 via SMS. This code will be required during the final admission confirmation.

If the message is deleted for any reason, you can recover the code from the website. You can recover the code from the "Security Code Recover" option on the online admissions website.

However, to recover the code, you will need your SSC roll, registration number, your mother's name, the mobile number you provided at the time of application, and the transaction id. You must use the Transaction ID you received at the time of the primary application. However, if you have also deleted that message, use the transaction code received after confirmation.

HSC Admission Circular 2020-2021

The HSC Admission Circular 2020 has been published. The XI Class Admission Application will start from 9 August 2020. This information was given by the Ministry of Education on 19 July 2020. This year only online application can be made. A student can apply for a maximum of 10 colleges and a minimum of 5 colleges online. The application will end on 20 August 2020 for First Phase. The Second Phase Application Will be started from 31 August to 2 September, the Third phase application time frame is 7 September to 8 September 2020. The First Merit List will be published on 25 August 2020. The Second Merit list will be published on 4 September 2020 and the third Merit List will be published on 10 September 2020. The admission process will be Completed from 13 September to 15 September 2020.

This year too, like other years, all government and non-government colleges in Bangladesh, the admission application will proceed centrally. The HSC Admission Result will also be published centrally. However, Dhaka Notre Dame College, St. Joseph's College, St. Gregory High School and College, and Holy cross College will accept applications in their own process. They will admit students through the admission test.

This year, the freedom fighters, expatriates, and BKSP quota for admission in class XI are still in force. The Freedom Fighter Quota will be considered in the HSC Admission Result Merit List. However, nothing was mentioned in the proposed draft policy regarding other quotas. The application process has been canceled via SMS to reduce the complexity and cost of the admission process. Students can only apply to a maximum of 10 institutions online. Besides, the admission fee, application fee, and admission fee have been increased a bit.

Admission to Class XI was delayed due to the Corona pandemic. Although the board was prepared, it was not possible due to the growing coronavirus situation in Bangladesh. The results of SSC and equivalent examinations were released on 31 May 2020 much later this year.

As in other years, a total of three merit lists will be prepared and applications will be accepted in three steps. After completing the first step admission confirmation, the second step application will be accepted and the second merit list and the first migration result will be published. Thus three steps will be completed with the following formats.

Information like application start date, deadlines, HSC Admission Result publication date, confirmation date, etc. will be updated as soon as the detailed notice is published. Until then, visit the Result Bangladesh website regularly. HSC Admissions Highlights and details information are providing below.

XI Class Admission 2020-2021

Phase Primary Application HSC Admission Result Confirmation Date
First Phase 9 August to 20 August 25 August 2020 26 August to 30 August
Second Phase 31 August to 2 September 4 September 2020 5 September to 6 September
Third Phase 7 September to 8 September 10 September 2020 11 September to 12 September

Application Qualification/ Eligibility

  • SSC and Equivalent Exam Passed from Any Education Board in 2018, 2019 and 2020
  • SSC Passed from Bangladesh Open University in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

Group Change/ Group Eligibility

  • Students of Science Group are Eligible to Apply for Science, Business Studies, and Humanities Group.
  • Students of Business Studies Group are Eligible to Apply for Business Studies and Humanities Group.
  • Students of Humanities Group are Eligible to Apply for Humanities Group Only.

XI Class Admission Form

This year only online application can be made. You can apply for a maximum of 10 and a minimum of 5 colleges by paying an application fee of Tk 150. The first phase application can be made from 9th August to 20th August. The second phase can be applied from 31st August to 2nd September and the third phase can be applied from 7th September to 8th September 2020. Those who fail to apply in the first phase will apply in the second phase and those who fail to apply in the first and second phase will also be able to apply in the third phase. If someone does not confirm the admission after getting a chance in any merit list, they also are able to apply in the next step.

Payment Instruction

Before applying online, the application fee has to be paid through the mobile banking system Nagad, bKash, SureCash, or Rocket. The application fee can also be paid through mobile operator Teletalk or Sonali Bank. The application fee is 150 taka.

Teletalk Payment System

1st SMS:

CAD <space> WEB <space> Board <space> Roll <space> Year <space> Reg. No. and Send to 16222.

Example: CAD WEB DHA 123456 2020 1523678902

Teletalk will reply to you with a PIN Number by Motioning Your Particulars and Application Fees. Now Note down the PIN Number and Prepare Second SMS Like that.

2nd SMS:

CAD <space> Yes <space> PIN<space> Contact Mobile Number and Send to 16222

Example: CAD YES 1258234 015# # # # # # # #

Payment by Rocket App

Rocket App Payment System for XI Class Admission

For Other Payment Instruction like Nagad, bKash, SureCash and Sonali eSheba, visit the Admission Website Payment Section. After pay, the Application fees with one of the following payment getaway, start your online application with the below instruction.

Apply Online

  1. Visit www.xiclassadmission.gov.bd and click Apply Online Option.
  2. Input Your SSC or Equivalent Roll, Board, Passing Year, and Registration Number.
  3. Go to Next Step and Input Your Valid Mobile Number or Your Guardians Valid Mobile Number and Quota Information (If any)
  4. Select Your College, Group, Shift, and Version One by One up to 10 College. Minimum 5 Colleges must be Select.
  5. Recheck Your Application and Submit Your Application and Print it out.

Please note that, if you Give your Choice less than 10 College you can Increase it any times before the Application Deadline.

HSC Admission Circular 2020

Apply Instruction, Payment Instruction for all payment gateway and Admission Rules are available on the Ministry of Education, and Central Admission System website.


আমি কলেজ চয়েস দিছি কিন্তু হয়নি এখন কি করবো???

Just wait for the Second Merit List. The 2nd Merit List will be Published on 4 September 2020. Before Published the Second List, you can update your choice twice.

ভাইয়া আমার ফাস্ট মেরিট লিস্ট এ একটা কলেজ আসছে।
এখন আমি ওটা এ পড়তে ইচ্ছুক না।তারপরো আমি ভর্তি নিশ্চায়ন করলে।
আমার কি মাইগ্রেশন হয়ে উপরে কোনো কলেজে আসবে?
মাইগ্রেশন এর জন্য কোনো অপশন কি দেওয়া থাকবে কম্পিউটার এ?
নাকি এটা অটোমেটিক হবে?

The Migration Process are completely Automatic. If you confirm your current College, you will be benefited with Migration. But its not Confirm. If you don't want to Admitted you in this college, you should not confirm it. If you did not confirm your current choice it will be canceled. After that you need to re-apply again. There are no opportunity to come back on your previous nomination.

amar gpa 5.00 ar total number 1111
ami 6 ta college choice diyechilam but konotatei ase nai
ekhon ki korbo bujhtesi nh ar kon college e ami chance pete pari dhaka/gazipurer vitorte

I am really sorry to hear it. You have a brilliant Result. Could you check your Result through Online again? You are also advised to Check your Primary Application Process are ok or not. If you did not get chance in any college, You should wait for next Merit List. The Next merit List will be Published on 4 September. Before it, You can reorder or change your Preferences list twice.

My cousin went to Rajshahi from Dhaka. She did not get selected at first chance. She got CGPA 5.00 in SSC exam. Is this a problem related to board? What rules she should follow while applying for the second time?

Hi, Anika Tasneem, I'm so sorry for the late response. Still hope my answer will be helpful for you. No, I think there are nothing wrong about her board. Her GPA is great, but I think, she also give the best colleges on her preferences list. So she does not need to apply again if she has not been selected for any college. However, she can update her preferences within 2 September twice.

You can show me.. How can do to payment and confirm admission to my bKash app ?

ভাইয়া আমি ২০০ টাকা দিয়ে কলেজ নিশ্চায়ন করার পর কি আমার মোবাইলে কোনো মেসেজ আসবে?

Yes Tashin, If you confirm Properly, You will Received a Confirmation Message. Sorry for late response.

Auto migration a j college asbe ta Jodi amr posondo na hoy,tahole ki ami akn j college selection korsi sata te thakte parbo?

No! You cant return your present college if changed it by migration.

ভাইয়া আমি যদি কলেজে confirmation করি তাহলে তো মাইগ্রেশন অন হয়ে যাবে | আমি আমার লিস্টের ৫ম কলেজ পেয়েছি | তাহলে কি মাইগ্রেশন ৪ থেকে ১ এ যাবে নাকি ১ থেকে ৪ এ যাবে | মাইগ্রেশনে যে কলেজ আসবে সেই কলেজ যদি পছন্দ না হয় তাহলে কি আমি আবার apply করতে পারবো??? দয়া করে জানাবেন please....

Migration Process will be run from top. If your college changed by migration, it will be higher than present. Yes, you must admitted yourself at your last college (If migrate).

Vai bank draft kora lage ki?
R koto taka lage?

Hello sir, I am Mahmudul Hasan. Sir, what is the final admission fee to the college, would you tell me please?

I am very happy to assist you with the right information. Admission fee depends on the college. Admission fee is different for one college in case of admission in class XI. However, a fee has also been fixed by the Ministry of Education. You can contact the college you have been nominated for or follow their notice board. You will be able to know the information like admission fee, required documents etc. from the notice board.

migration er result kibhabe dakbo please bolon

HSC 1st migration result has already been published. Those who will change the nominated college will be informed through SMS. If you do not receive an SMS for any reason, you can find out the results from the admissions website. The process of viewing migration results and 2nd merit list is one and the same. You can know your result from the Result option of https://resultbangladesh.com/hsc-admission-result

amar result via message ashe nai but online a check korchi ami ekta college a chance peyechi ekhn ami security code kothay pabo??

VAiya ami 1st apply e 1ti collage peyechi(ipsc) and atae serial chilo 3no: e..2nd migration e amr clg change hoy ni...amak ki abr ipsc confirm korte hobe?

There are no need to confirm it again. You have no procedure anymore. Just Check the Last Migration Result and Admit yourself on your nominated college physically.

আলাইকুম ওয়ারাহমাতুল্লাহি ওয়াবারাকাতুহ মাইগ্রেশনের জন্য কি এপ্লাই করতে হয়?????

i have just confirmed my application to a college that was my 2nd choice now what do i have to do for migration. I mean do i have to write an application to the board physically or is there any other process.
l just want to know the procedure of migration.

Sorry for late response. There are nothing to do Farhana. The Migration Process are completely Automatic. Just wait for the Last Migration Result and check it through XI Class Admission website.

How to maigration college?

The Migration Process of XI Class Admission are completely Automatic. There are no need to do anything.

ভাই আমার চয়েস আসছে। আমি গ্রুপ পরিবর্তন করতে চাই এখন কি করতে পারবো। আর কি ভাবে করবো প্লিজ জানাবেন কি

Via jader 3rd time ase nai, tader ki r final kono result asbe na?

3rd time choice diyeo kono College e position kn asena
Ekn ki ar kono upai ache kina

3rd time eo apply krar por kono College ei position asenii
Emn ta hwar karon kii
Ekn ki kono way ache admit hwar
Reply pls

৩ য় বারে কোনো কলেজ আসে নাই এখন কী করব আমি

Vaiya 3rd step e spply korar por o kono College chance paini
Ekn ki kra jai
Pls reply

আমি ২nd merit এ আবারো aply করেছি, but,আমার তো কোনো sms আসেনি।। কোন কলেজে চান্স হয়েছে বুঝতে পারছিনা। please help me.... my roll no. 132399, board.jassore,,year.2020..please tell me...

আমার এডমিসনের কোনো মেসেজ আসেনি এখন কী করতে হবে


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