Download Chittagong University Admit Card 2022

Chittagong University Admit Card

The Chittagong University Admit Card 2022 can be downloaded from the admission website admission cu ac bd. A separate admit card has to be downloaded for each unit. The CU Admit Card 2021-2022 Download has been Started. Its start from 12 July with B Unit Admit Card. A-Unit Admit card can be download from 17 July. Others unit can also be download with the following schedule. CU Admission Test Admit Card 2021-22 for A, B, C, D, B1, and D1 units will start downloading on different dates. It can be downloaded up to 1 hour before the admission test. University of Chittagong Admit Card Download schedule are given below.

CU Admit Card Download Schedule

Unit Name

Download Start Date

Download End Date


17 July 2022

1 Hour before the Admission Test


12 July 2022

1 Hour before the Admission Test


21 July 2022

1 Hour before the Admission Test


14 July 2022

1 Hour before the Admission Test


15 July 2022

1 Hour before the Admission Test


21 July 2022

1 Hour before the Admission Test

Note: Since the admission test date has been changed, the time limits for downloading Chittagong University Admit Card has also been changed.

How to download the Chittagong University Admit Card?

Chittagong University CU Admit Card 2021-22 can be downloaded from the admission website Apart from this, there is no opportunity to collect Chittagong University Admit Card from any other medium. Admission test will be taken on different dates for each unit. You have to download a separate admit card for each unit. The applicants can log in using their user ID and password and download the admit card.

The Admission Test Date, Time, Venue and other information will be mentioned in the CU Admit Card. Follow the instructions below to download the Chittagong University Admit Card 2020-21 for A, B, C and D Unit and Sub Units.

  1. Visit the admission website
  2. Enter the login option.
  3. Provide User ID and Password
  4. Press the Login Button
  5. Download the Admit Card for the applied unit.

Please note that, if for any reason the user ID and password is lost, you have to contact the help desk regarding admission. No candidate will be allowed to participate in the admission test without admit card. After Download, Chittagong University Admit Card must print two copies. Admit Card must be printed color on A4 size offset Papers.

You may follow: Bangladesh University of Professionals New Admit Card

CU Admission Test Schedule 2022

Chittagong University Admission Test Date has been Released. According to the New Schedule, the Admission test will be held from 16 August to 25 August 2022. Unit based Admission Test Details Schedule has been published. Each Units Admission Test Date will also be mentioned on the Chittagong University Admit Card. Follow the Admission Test Schedule 2021-22 from below.

Unit Name

Admission Test Date



B Unit:

16 and 17 August 2022

Friday and Saturday


C Unit:

August 2022

Sunday and Monday


D Unit:

August 2022

Tuesday and Wednesday


A Unit:

August 2022



B1 Unit:

August 2022


9:45 am

D1 Unit:

August 2022


2:15 pm

Chittagong University Admission Test Schedule

Question Pattern and Marks Distribution

Admission test of Chittagong University will be held in MCQ system. A total of 100 Marks admission test will be taken. Admission test will be held for 1 hour. However, the admission test of the Department of Drama, Institute of Fine Arts, Department of Music and Physical Education and Sports Science will be taken in a combination of both MCQ and practical methods.

0.25 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer in the admission test. Admission test will also be taken on different subjects for each unit. The unit based admission test marks distribution and question pattern is given below.

A-Unit: Admission test of A-unit will be taken in Bengali, English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. The applicant has to answer any three subjects in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. Admission test will be held with 10 marks in Bengali, 15 marks in English and 25 marks in each of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology.

B-Unit: Admission test of B-unit will be taken in Bangla / optional English, English and general knowledge. Admission test of 35 marks in Bengali, 35 marks in English and 30 marks in General Knowledge will be taken.

B1 Sub-Unit: Admission test will be held in B1 Sub-Unit just like B-Unit. Bengali / Optional English (35), English (35) and General Knowledge (30).

C-Unit: Admission test of C-Unit will be taken in English (30), Accounting (35), Business Organization and Management (35). Questions will be asked about business policy and application from business organization and management, banking and insurance.

D-Unit: Admission test of D-Unit is in Bangla / Optional English (30), English (30), Analysis Skills (20) and General Knowledge / Mathematics / Economics (20).

D1 Sub-Unit: Admission test of D1 Sub-Unit will be held on Bangla / Optional English (35), English (30) and General Knowledge (35). The pass marks in this unit is 35.

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