XI Class Migration Result 2020 | HSC Admission

XI Class Migration Result 2020

The XI Class Migration Result 2020 will be published on September 10, 2020. A total of two HSC Admission Migration Result will be published. The 1st Migration Result will be released on 4th September and the 2nd migration result will be released on 10th September.

The XI Class Admission Result were published on August 25, 2020. In the published results, those who have selected the 1st merit list and confirmed the admission will be considered for the 1st migration. In addition, those who get a place in the 1st and 2nd merit list will be considered for the 2nd migration.

In other words, the HSC admission result will be finalized through a total of two migration results. The final admission results will be released on September 13, 2020 at 8:00 am. Admission activities will start from then.

All Migration Result for XI Class Admission 2020-21 will be automatic. Migration will always be upward. Those who will change colleges through migration will have to be admitted in that college.

HSC Admission Auto Migration 2020-21

The XI Class Migration Result process will be fully automated. As per the rules, those who get a place in the 1st and 2nd merit list will get the benefit of migration. However, applicants in the third phase and those who get a place in the third merit list will not get the migration facility. The migration applicant will go to the first of the given preferences. If someone is selected for the first college of his or her choice, he or she will not be considered eligible for migration. In other words, if someone is not selected for the 1st college of his or her choice and is selected for another college, he/she will be eligible for migration.

What is auto migration?
The migration process for college admission will be fully automated. Auto migration means there is no chance of turning it on or off. This means that no one can stop the migration process even if they want to or start the migration process for the college of their choice. It will be fully automatic. It will work in the same way for everyone.

Auto migration will always be upward. Migration will take place at the beginning of the preference order given at the time of primary admission application for class XI.

Suppose you have been selected for the 5th college of your choice and have completed the confirmation. Now through your migration process, you will try to allocate the number 1 college of your choice for you.

What if it is not possible to give the college number 1 of your choice?

Then you will be tried to select two, three or four numbers for preference. This means that any of the colleges at the top of your list of preferences will be tried. It depends on your overall GPA and the GPA of those competing with you. Those who have higher GPA will get priority.

What if migration is not possible?
If upward migration of your choice is not possible, your current college will remain in place. In no way will your migration be downward.

Is there any other possibility if the college is not changed through 1st migration?
Yes. There are possibilities. If your preferences do not change with the first migration, the preferences may change with the second migration. The results of the second migration of class XI will be published on September 10. This is the result of the latest migration.

What to do if the college changes through migration?
There is nothing to do if your preferences changed through migration. There is no need to re-confirm. You will go to college between 13th and 15th September (College Scheduled Date and Time) and complete your admission process in person. Necessary documents and admission fee will be required for admission.

If the college is changed through migration, can it be maintained in the current college?
If you change your college preferences through migration, the current selection will no longer be valid. You will not be able to return to the current preference even if you want to. Since there will be an upward migration of your choice, you will have to be admitted to that new college.

How to know the XI Class Migration Result?

The XI Class Migration Result 2020 will be informed to the applicant's mobile number. SMS will be sent only to those whose preferences change through migration. Also, after the publication of the results, the changed results can be known from the admission website xiclassadmission.gov.bd. It will be available on Result options and you can be check it as earlier with your SSC Roll and Registration Number.

HSC 2nd Migration Result will be released on 10th September 2020 at 8 pm. If someone changes their preferences through migration, they don't have to do anything else. Those whose preferences will not change in the 1st migration or will not be considered for the 1st migration may also change their preferences through the second migration. The HSC Admission 2nd Migration Result will be released on September 10.


Its a bit confusing, like its not clear where we should check our migration result. But okay.

You can check your migration result as early. The Migration Result checking method are same ase Merit List. So just go to the Admission Website xiclassadmission.gov.bd and re-check your result with your SSC/Equivalent Roll and Registration Number. If your college are changed, you will be see there a new college. Thats it.

Jodi aager college tar naam ashe tahole ki bujhbo?

How to off auto migration

Is there only 2 auto migration? 1st migration is on 4 th September and the 2nd migration is on 10 th September. Is there any other change going to happen or the 10 th September migration result is final?

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