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result nu ac bd

The Bangladesh National University has been released the through the www results nu ac bd 2022 honours 3rd year. The NU Honours 3rd year Result 2022 been released on NU Result 2022 website www results nu ac bd 2022. Students can view their results on the official website www result nu ac bd. Previously, the website was www nu ac bd results. From then on, the website link has been changed to results.nu.ac.bd from the www nu ac bd result 2022.

All regular, irregular, and improvement candidates may view the Honours 3rd year Exam Result 2022 on the www.nu.ac.bd 2022 website. This is the honours 3rd year result for 2020, which was held in 2022. The Honours 3rd year result for the 2018-19 session was also sent via SMS. For irregular and improvement candidates, the session will be 2017–18.

Honours 3rd year Result 2022

The NU Honours 3rd year Result 2022 has been Published on 7 August, 2022. If you are waiting for the nu result 3rd year 2022, you can now check your result in details through the results nu ac bd honours 3rd year website right now. With this result, a long waiting period has been completed after completion the result. Now, the Honours 3rd year Result 2022 has been Published with Marksheet.

Earlier, the Honours 3rd year Examination 2020 started on March 5, 2022, and the exam ended on April 4, 2022 for the Session of 2017-18. Before that, the 3rd year exam routine 2022 was published for regular, irregular, and improvement.

results nu ac bd honours 3rd year

The official website for the National University NU Honours 3rd Year Result 2020 is www results nu ac bd. Through the www result nu ac bd website, all students can check their results in detail. There is an alternative website to check the honours 3rd year results online. The alternative website is www nubd info results. You can instantly check your results on this website. However, the only official website is result nu ac bd to check the results in detail with subject-wise grade. From this website, all other NU Result 2022 can also be known with the CGPA and Marksheet. To check the result through this website, follow the steps below.

  1. Click here to visit the http://result.nu.ac.bd website.
  2. Go to the “Honours” Section from left side.
  3. Enter the “3rd year” Option from the drop down menu.
  4. Write your Registration Number.
  5. Write your Exam Year
  6. Complete the Security Check exactly.
  7. Press the “Search Result” button.
  8. View the Result from the popup window.

www result nu ac bd

The National University NU Result 2022 can be known from the result nu ac bd website. Honours, Masters, Degree, and Professional Results can be found on the nu ac bd website. Any of the examinations can have their first, second, third, fourth, final year, and preliminary results checked. From the nu ac bd result website, any consolidated result for CGPA and marksheet can be checked. From here, the re-scrutiny result can also be known.

results nu ac bd

NU Honours Result 2022

The Bangladesh National University NU Honours Result 2022 has been published on the results nu ac bd website. Through the nu ac bd result honours website, honours 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year results can be checked. The Final Year CGPA Result can be found by selecting the Consolated Result option. Follow the steps below to view the National University Honours Exam result.

  1. Visit https://www.nu.ac.bd/results website.
  2. Go to the Honours Menu.
  3. Select the Honours Year
  4. Provide your Registration Number and Exam Year.
  5. Complete the Security check.
  6. Press the “Search Result” Button.

NU Degree Result 2022

National University published the Degree Result 2022 on the nu ac bd results website for Degree Pass Course Students. From nu ac bd result degree, 1st year, 3rd year, and 3rd year results can be collected. To do it, follow the guidelines below.

  1. Visit the results.nu.ac.bd website.
  2. Go to the Degree Option.
  3. Select your Year.
  4. Provide the Credentials.
  5. Press the “Search Result” button.

Masters Result 2022 (Final and Preliminary)

If you are a Masters Student of National University Bangladesh, you can be check your NU Exam Result 2022 through the results nu ac bd website. Masters Result and Masters Preliminary Result are available here for current year and previous year. To check the Masters Final Year Result and Masters 1st Year Result 2022, follow the Procedure below.

  1. Visit www.nu.ac.bd/results website.
  2. Enter the Masters Option.
  3. Click on the 1st year or 3rd year.
  4. Write your Roll, Registration Number and Exam Year.
  5. Hit the “Search Result” button.

Professional Result

There are different professional courses at Bangladesh National University. Among them, LLB, BBA, and BEd are mentionable. From the results nu ac bd website, all professional course results can be checked. From here, LLB 1st year (Preliminary) and LLB Final Year Results can be checked. The BBA result and the B.Ed result can also be checked from here. To find any professional results, go to the Professionals Tab after visiting the www nu ac bd results website. After that, you can check your result in detail by selecting the appropriate option.

Consolidated Result (CGPA Result)

The consolidated results for honours fourth year and masters final year are published by the National University. Through this option of the results nu ac bd website, the Honours Final Year and Masters Final Year CGPA Results are published. To check the result with CGPA, the exam roll and registration number are both required. You can check your year-based result without the roll number. But if you want to find the details result with 4 years of integrated CGPA and all years of results together, the roll number will be required with the registration number. To check the CGPA result, first visit the www nu ac bd results website. After that, go to the consolidated result option from the left panel. Then select your exam name. After providing the required information, press the "Search Result" button to find the result in detail.

NU Rescrutiny Result

After releasing any exam result, students are given the opportunity to apply for a re-scrutiny if they are not satisfied with their results. National University published the recheck results after completion of the recheck. The re-scrutiny result is published on the results nu ac bd website. To check your review result, go to the Rescrutiny Result Option from this website and check the result with the required information. You will find the results notice on the www nu ac bd website.

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