Today Gold Price in Bangladesh (22K and 21K)

Today Gold Price in Bangladesh

If you are planning to buy gold, first of all know the today gold price. Every day, the price of gold fluctuates in the world market. Bangladesh is no exception. If the price of gold increases in the world market, Bangladesh also increases and if it decreases in the world market, it also decreases in Bangladesh. However, the way the prices are updated in the world market is not the same in Bangladesh.

The Bangladesh Jewelers Samity fixes the 22 carat, 21 carat, 18 carat gold price in Bangladesh in addition to the traditional method gold price. Bangladesh Jewelers Association Bajus also fixes the price of silver.

Today Gold prices in Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Jewelers Association last set the gold price in Bangladesh on August 21, 2021. Until the next update, all Jewellery shop in Bangladesh will continue to sell gold and gold Jewellery at this price. If the price changes in the world market, the association will also update it. As a result the Gold Price in Bangladesh today will be considered till the next update.

Making charge will be calculated separately with the price of gold fixed by the Jewelers Association. The making cost has been fixed at Tk. 250 per gram for gold jewelry and Tk. 26 per gram for silver jewelry. Also VAT prescribed by the government of Bangladesh will be applicable in all cases.

Today Gold Price in Bangladesh



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