SSC Business Studies Short syllabus 2022

SSC Business Studies Short Syllabus

SSC Business Studies Short syllabus 2022 has been published. It has been published for the students of Business Studies Group of SSC Exam 2022. A short syllabus of all business studies subjects and general subjects is published today. The Ministry of Education has published this 60-day syllabus. A preparatory test will be taken at the end of teaching on this syllabus.

A total of eight weeks classes will be taken on this short syllabus. For this, the educational institutions will be opened for SSC candidates in mid-February.

Earlier, the Short syllabus for SSC was published by the Ministry of Education. The syllabus was later canceled due to its large scale. At the same time it was announced that the syllabus would be published in a more concise form. According to this short syllabus, SSC and equivalent examination 2022 will be taken.

SSC Business Studies Short Syllabus 2022

SSC Business Studies Group SSC Short Syllabus 2022 has been published. The short syllabus contains all the subject of Business Studies Group in Secondary School Certificate Examination 2022. In addition to Accounting, Business Entrepreneurship, Finance and Banking short syllabus, the short syllabus of Bangla 1st Paper, Bangla 2nd Paper, English 1st Paper, English 2nd Paper, General Mathematics, ICT, Bangladesh and Global Studies (BGS) and Religion and Moral Education has been published.

According to this short syllabus, SSC examination 2022 will be held for the students of business studies group. Lessons based on this syllabus will be completed before the exam. The SSC examination 2022 question papers will be prepared based on this syllabus.

Business Studies Short Syllabus Download

Business Studies group students will be able to download the short syllabus from their respective education board websites. Besides, short syllabus of all subjects is given separately on the website Dhaka Education Board website. Students will be able to download the PDF of the short syllabus and print it as required.


Short Syllabus


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Business Entrepreneurship

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Finance and Banking

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General Math

Download PDF

Bangla 1st Paper

Download PDF

Bangla 2nd Paper

Download PDF

English 1st Paper

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English 2nd Paper

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