SSC Auto Pass Result 2021 - SSC Autopass Result Latest News

SSC Auto Pass Result 2021

Will give SSC Auto Pass Result this year? Yes there are possibilities. Although the ministry of Education says they will wait until December. But if the situation is not normal, the test will be taken somehow. In that case SSC Autopass Result 2021 will be the last solution. The technical committee has already submitted various proposals regarding taking SSC exams or results. There is also the issue of auto pass.

If it is not possible to take the exam at all, the SSC Auto pass result will be published in the end. The results will be published in the same process for all the education boards of the country. The dakhil results will also be published as Auto pass.

Update News: শিক্ষামন্ত্রী ডা. দিপু মনি জানিয়েছেন আগামী নভেম্বর মাসের দ্বিতীয় সপ্তাহে এসএসসি ও সমমানের পরীক্ষা গ্রহণের চেষ্টা করা হবে। সংক্ষিপ্ত সিলেবাস অনুসারে ৩টি বিষয়ে এমসিকিউ পদ্ধিতিে গ্রহণ করা হবে পরীক্ষা। সম্ভব না হলে জেএসসি/জেডিসি এবং অ্যাসাইমেন্টের মাধ্যমে মূল্যায়ণ করে রেজাল্ট প্রকাশ করা হবে।

How to create SSC Auto Pass Result?

Although no decision has yet been taken regarding the auto pass of SSC results, it is still possible. Earlier, the last HSC equivalent examination Result 2020 were also published in auto pass method. At that time the results was published as average of JSC and SSC Results. But there is no way to average the SSC results. Because, the SSC candidates 2021 were participating in JSC and Equivalent exam only. In that case SSC Auto pass Result 2021 may be published on the basis of average result of JSC and PSC. Results can also be based on the results of JSC and Class Nine annual examinations.

However, there is a possibility of publishing the results based on the JSC results and in assignment method. In that case the candidates will be given assignment according to the short syllabus. SSC Auto pass result will be published on the basis of answer of assignment and average result of JSC result.

Will SSC exam be held?

Education Boards are still trying to take the exam. Everything depends on the current situation. Tests will be taken if the situation is normal. However, the test will be taken only after a specific number of lessons at classroom on its short syllabus. In this situation, taking the test is becoming more and more difficult. Even if the test is taken, the number of subjects may be reduced and the time of the test may be reduced. However, its chances are getting narrow.

When will the SSC Result be published?

It has not been decided yet when the SSC and equivalent results will be released. However, the decision to take the test or not depends on the publication of the results. If the test is taken then the publication of the result will be delayed. And if the auto pass is given without taking the test, then the result may be published by December.

How to know the SSC result?

Whether the SSC examination is held or the auto pass result is published, the result will be published as per the previous process. If the result is published as Auto pass, the subject based results will be published. In that case grade points and numbers will be given in different subjects.

As in previous years, the results of SSC and equivalent examinations will be available through websites, mobile phones and apps.

In addition to, the website for publishing the results of the education boards, the results can be known from the websites of the respective education board. Detailed results can be found on the website of the Education Board. Each Education Boards will publish detailed results for their students.

The pre-registration system will also be introduced before the results are released. Pre-registration can be done till the result is published. All the students who will complete the pre-registration will be informed the result via SMS on their mobile.

After the publication of the results, the results can be known by sending an SMS in the same process. Students of all education boards will be informed of the result in a return message if they send an SMS from any mobile operator as per the prescribed rules.

Results can be known through websites and mobile messages as well as apps. Students will be able to know the detailed results by downloading the apps prescribed by the education boards.

In addition to personal results, school or institution based results can also be known. However, if the situation is not normal, the result will not be sent to any educational institution. Institutions will be able to download the results from the website using their EIIN number.


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