BOESL Lottery Result 2024 South Korea Lottery Result PDF

south korea lottery result

The South Korea Lottery Result 2024 has been released today on, March 7, 2024. However, the Revised Korea Registration 2024 Result will be released on 11 March 2024 at 3:00 pm. The Selected Candidates list and waiting list have been published on the BOESL website and Facebook page.

Earlier, the BOESL Korea Lottery was held on 3:00 pm on Conference room of BOESL Office. From right Now, All Applicants can be checking their result.

The Korea Lottery 2024 Result can be check through the website. It has been Published as a PDF format. Candidates can be download the PDF file from the Notice Board Section of the website. After Download the Selected Candidates list, it can be check by Passport Number. On the Selected Candidates list, the Applicants Name, Date of Birth, Passport Number and other information are mentioned.

The Korea Lottery registration started on 4 March, 2024. The application deadline was 5 March, 2024. A total of 1,12,000 people applied for this Korea lottery 2024 registration. Among them, 15,000 have been selected, and another 5,000 are on the waiting list for final registration.

South Korea Lottery Result 2024

The South Korea Lottery Result 2024 have been published. It has been published as a PDF. A total of 15 thousand applicants have been selected final registration. Selected candidates should complete the Final Registration. The Korea Final Registration Result has also been published along with the Primary Registration Result. Final registration will be completed at the BOESL Office.

Selected candidates must complete their final registration by paying the equivalent amount of 28 USD. The Final registration should be completed directly within the time frame mentioned on the notice. According to the Notice, the Final Registration will be started on March and it will be continue till March 2024.

If someone fails to complete the final registration in time, they will not be eligible for the Korea Language Test. In this case, an opportunity will be given from the waiting list. All final registered candidates will participate in the Korean Language Test.

BOESL Korea Lottery Result 2024

The BOESL Korea Lottery Result 2024 has been released today at 3:00 p.m. The Korea Final Registration Schedule will be published on BOESL's official website and official Facebook Page. During the final registration, the candidate's passport and all other information will be verified.

The Final Registration Process for the Korea Language Test has also been published along with the Selected Candidates. Final Registration Schedule will be available on the official website and facebook page. Language Test will be taken in different phase.

How to Check Korea Lottery Result?

The Korea Lottery 2024 results can be checked through the Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Limited official website. The results can be downloaded as a PDF file. To check your lottery result, follow the instructions below.

Step-1: Visit website.

Step-2: Download the PDF File.

Step-3: Check the Lottery Result.

Korea Lottery 2024 Result

The Korea Lottery Result 2024 PDF has been released on BOESL Website on EPS Section. The Final Registration Instructions have also been published along with the Selected Candidates List. The waiting list has also been published as a PDF file. If someone fails to complete the final registration within the timeframe, the registration opportunity will be given to someone from the waiting list. Download the Korea Lottery 2024 result by clicking the link below.

Selected Candidates List

Waiting List

Download PDF

Download PDF


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