Scholarship in India 2022-2023 (Complete Guidelines)

Indian Government Scholarship

Scholarships are available in India for students from around the world, including Bangladesh. Scholarships from the Government of India can be a great opportunity for admission and study at various universities. These scholarships for higher education are completely free of cost. The Government of India has various types of scholarships. Notable among these is the ICCR Scholarship.

Scholarship in India

  • Complete tuition free.
  • Stipend of 18 thousand Indian rupees per month.
  • Round trip fare.

ICCR Scholarship

Indian Culture for Cultural Relations (ICCR) provides full scholarships to Bangladeshi students every year to study in India through the Indian Embassy. They mainly offer scholarships for Bachelor, Masters and PhD. ICCR is giving scholarships to 200 people from Bangladesh every year.

Required Qualification

In case of eligibility for Scholarship in India, you can apply if you have 80 percent marks in SSC and HSC. IELTS is not required. If there is a chance to get more. However, in order to get this scholarship, it is more important to do the exam and viva than the previous result. There are no year gap restrictions for applying for this scholarship. In this case the age of the applicant should be minimum 18 years.

There would be a written test (on English grammar) after the application. After the test results are viva. After that, the Indian High Commission sent an offer letter. Apply for a visa immediately after receiving the offer letter. A lot has changed this year because of Corona. Now there is no direct test.

Application process

The ICCR releases forms between January and February each year. Go to the ICCR portal and select one of the six topics along with the application process and write an essay of 500 words (cannot be copied). However, one thing that is very important when applying to the ICCR is the passport; Which is mandatory to have. These scholarships usually have 200 seats, of which 100 seats are for engineers and the remaining 100 seats are for others. The ICCR does not offer scholarships in any medical sciences. Application link:

University List

One has to be a little careful in choosing a university. For this, it is best to google the University of your Choice in the list of designated universities. If that is the case, you will easily get a good idea about the university.

Cost: Now the question is how much money needs to be taken? Because, you will not get stipend immediately after leaving. You will receive a stipend within one to two months of reporting to the ICCR. That may be even less time. It will depend on how soon your bank account is. You can bring 20-30 thousand rupees. I brought about 20 thousand rupees, there was not much problem. The first thing you need to do after coming to India is to buy a SIM. It is very important to communicate with the family. You can buy a SIM from any store with a passport size photo along with passport and visa fee. Then after reporting to ICCR, you have to go to the university and report and complete the admission process. If your university has a hostel system, they will arrange it for you. In my case, it was, no problem. If not, you need to rent a PG or a home.


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