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Online GD Application

Online GD Application can be made from now on in Bangladesh. The general diary application for all police stations in Bangladesh can be found on the website You can apply online from home for a GD for any purpose. The application can be completed easily with the National Identification NID Card information. From now on, the victim will not have to go to the police station physically. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the program on June 21, 2022.

Online GD Application

"General Diary" (GD) means a general statement. Citizens lodged a GD with the nearest police station for the cooperation of the police on various issues, including threats and the recovery of lost items. Many of them do not know how to go to the police station to make a GD. In 2016, GD books were distributed in every police station in the country. The process of launching Bangladesh Police GD online is also going on.

Earlier, six years ago, the Prime Minister's Office of Bangladesh announced the launch of online GD as part of the A2I project.

Required information and Documents for Online GD

To apply for a GD Online, the following Documents and information will be required.

  1. Your national identity card number (NID number).
  2. Active Mobile Phone and Number
  3. Your recent photo.

Bangladesh Police Online GD Application

How to apply for the Online GD?

  1. First you need to enter the website. There will be a page about online GD. Provide your national identity card number, mobile number, and date of birth and submit them.
  2. Then a code will be sent by SMS to your given mobile number to confirm the identity.
  3. In the second step, you have to choose whether to do GD for yourself or for others. You need to select the type of GD and what you have lost or found. Select the police station in which district you want to make a GD, enter the time and place of the incident and click on 'Next Step' button.
  4. The last step is to write a more detailed description of the applicant's current address and events. If there are any documents related to GD, they can be attached. Enter the e-mail address.
  5. The online GD will be completed after clicking on the 'Submit' button. Once the application is completed, the applicant will be able to know the latest status of GD by logging in.

Digital GD Application Special Instructions

  1. Use the website to report any loss or damage to your property to the police.
  2. The concerned police station will take action according to the type of your complaint, and you will be informed.
  3. If the complaint is eligible for GD, you will be sent a copy of the digital GD along with the GD number and the statement of the investigating officer.
  4. If the subject of the complaint is a case (cognizable offense), then you have to be present at the police station with the printed copy of the complaint or the code number of the complaint.

Advantages of the online GD apps and websites

  • You can easily report your complaint to the police.
  • Find out the latest status of your complaint.
  • You can contact the investigating officer of your complaint online.
  • You can download your complaint (GD) copy online and send digital copy to anyone.


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