NU Student COVID-19 Vaccine Registration without NID Card

NU Vaccine Registration without NID Card

Can I apply for NU COVID-19 Vaccine Registration without NID Card? Students who do not have a national identity card are asking this question.

The notice issued by the National University for the Corona Virus Vaccine Registration states that it is mandatory to have a NID Card number. Moreover, it is mandatory to provide the national identity card number while filling the online application form.

However, in another notice, the National University said that another circular will be published soon for those who do not have a NID card. The notice will be issued at the end of this phase of NU Covid Vaccine Registration. In that process, students without a national identity card will be brought under vaccine registration.

NU Covid-19 Vaccine Registration without NID Card

The National University will provide the opportunity to Complete the Covid-19 Vaccine Registration without NID Card, after completion the first phase registration. Students will have to wait a few more days for that. This opportunity will be given at the end of the ongoing registration process. So those who do not have a national identity card, have nothing to worry about.

University authorities will provide details about what to do for those who do not have a national identity card. It will also tell you what information will be required against the NID card.

It is to be noted that, the Bangladesh Election Commission has already allowed the students to apply for voter registration and national identity card on an urgent basis. Any student can get his / her national identity card in the fastest time along with the required information and papers. This application can be made through the National Identity Card website of the Bangladesh Election Commission.

NU Covid-19 Vaccine Registration with NID Card

If you already have a national identity card, you need to apply within the stipulated time with NID Number. NU Covid 19 Registration with NID Card Number is ongoing. Registration must be done by 15 January 2022. The application deadline has already been extended. After that, the deadline for providing information will not be extended. So register for NU Covid 19 vaccine now.

NU Corona Vaccine Registration 2022

Current students of all colleges and educational institutions affiliated to the National University Bangladesh (NU) will be able to register for Vaccine. Registration can be done only through the website Registration can be Completed without NID Card. NU Vaccine Registration by Birth Registration Number can be make till 15 January 2022. If you are a student of NU, follow the instructions below to register for the Corona virus Vaccine by Birth Certificate.

Step-1: Visit the National University Vaccine Registration Website http student covidinfo.

Step-2: Enter your Registration Number and press Next button.

Step-3: Provide your NID card number, Mobile number and other information.

Step-4: If all the information is correct, submit the application.

A message will appear on the screen if your application is successful. And if the application is not successful, try again.

After Successful Registration

After successful registration, students do not have to do anything else. If necessary, the registration success page can be saved or printed. The information of the students who will successfully register will be uploaded in the vaccine registration portal 'Surokkha'. Students will then be able to complete their vaccine registration with the required information. The National University authorities will provide details in this regard. After that, students can be complete the Main Registration through Surokkha web Portal.


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