NU COVID Vaccine Registration Correction (Complete Guide)

NU COVID Vaccine Registration Correction

National University NU COVID Vaccine Registration Correction can be made before the Application Deadline. If you have already completed the application and any information is wrong somewhere, you can correct it. You can Edit your Registration with the help of NU Authority and your Colleges. Many Students told us that, they have made various mistakes in registering the vaccine information.

If you have provided any incorrect information during vaccine registration, you can easily make the NU Covid Vaccine Registration Correction. For this, you need to cancel your old registration first. After cancellation, you will need to re-register. You may be denied vaccinations due to incorrect information. So if you have given any wrong information, you have to correct it before the deadline. Please note that there is no opportunity to edit your Current Application. If you want to correct any of Your Information, you will be needed to cancel your Present Registration and then, you can be applied newly if you want NU Covid Vaccine Registration Correction.

The mistakes are that can be intentional or unintentional done-

  •  Wrong mobile number
  • Choosing "yes" even without the vaccinated.
  • Choosing "Yes" without being a residential student.
  • Incorrect national identity card number
  • Incorrect date of birth
  • Other mistakes.

No matter what the mistake, you can covid vaccine registration correction. You can be Cancel and Make the New Application till 21 September 2021. You will need to send an e-mail to the National University to correct the corona vaccine registration. E-mail address is given on the registration website You need to send an email to this email address.

NU COVID Vaccine Registration Correction Process

For NU COVID Vaccine Registration Correction you need to follow the steps below. Please Replace all Default information with yours. The Recipient e-mail will be remain unchanged.


Subject: Application for Corona Vaccine Registration Correction (Regi- 123456)

Write in the detailed section:

Dear Sir, I am a student of National University. I mistyped some information on my Corona Vaccine Registration Form. If I cancel my registration form, I will be able to complete the re-registration with the correct information. My details are as follows-

  • Name: (Your Name here)
  • Father's name: (Your Father's Name)
  • Registration number: (Your Registration Number according to the Registration Card)
  • Date of birth: (Your Date of Birth write here)
  • College Name: (Write your College Name which are Affiliated to NU)
  • NID Number: (Write your National Identity Card Number)
  • Mobile Number: (Write your Mobile Number)

Therefore, I would like to request you to cancel my registration and give me a chance for new registration.

NU Covid Vaccine Registration Correction

Alternative Correction

In addition to the above procedures, if you contact your college authorities, they will cancel your application. After canceling the application, you will have to re-apply with correct information. The Registration Process are same like before. Complete your New Registration with Correct Information.

NU Corona Vaccine Registration Correction

If your previous application has already been canceled, you will need to re-register. You will need to complete the new registration with the correct information in the same way as you did earlier. New registrations can be made through the same website.

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