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Jagannath University Admission

Jagannath University Admission Result 2023 has been published on 6 July 2023. This is the Jagannath University 4th Merit List and Migration Result for A, B and C Unit. JNU Result has been published on the admission website admission.jnu.ac.bd. The application process has already been completed. The Jagannath University Merit List 2023 PDF has been published Today. The Jagannath University Result can be check from the Official website jnu ac bd also. The Admission Process from the 3rd Merit List will be completed from 28 November to 1 December 2023.

Merit list has been prepared by considering 100 marks from Universities Integrated GST Admission Test Result, 10 marks from SSC / equivalent, and 10 marks from HSC / equivalent. Merit list and waiting list have been prepared based on total of 120 marks. However, for the Department of Music, Fine Arts, Drama, and Film and Television, the merit list has been prepared based on a total of 170 marks, including additional 50 marks for practical and viva-voce.

Jagannath University Admission Result 2023

Update News: জগন্নাথ বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের ৪র্থ মেধা তালিকা ও মাইগ্রেশন রেজাল্ট প্রকাশ করা হয়েছে।

Jagannath University Result 2021-22 has been published. The merit list of the applicants in A, B, and C units was published on, December 6. The nominated Student list for Admission has been Published for Science, Humanities, and Business Studies. This is the 1st merit list. After that, the 2nd and 3rd merit lists will be published subject to vacancies. Unit-based Details Admission Guidelines have been Published by Jagannath University Dhaka.

Candidates on the 4th merit list will have to pay the admission fee from 7th December . Admission must be completed by 10 December. You have to apply for stopping auto migration on 16th December if you want to stop the auto migration.

The practical examination of the Faculty of Fine Arts will be held on December 10. The test will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. The Viva-Voce will be held on 18 December for this Faculty.

Through this Merit List of Jagannath University, there is a total of 2,765 students will get the opportunity for admission to different faculty. A total of 825 students in 13 departments of the ‘A’ unit of the Faculty of Science and Life and Earth Sciences; Two institutes in the ‘B’ unit of the humanities department, including the Institute of Arts, Social Sciences, Law, Education and Research, and the Institute of Modern Languages, and a total of 1,270 in 15 departments; A total of 520 students will be admitted in four departments of the Faculty of Business Studies and 150 students in four specialized departments.

Jagannath University Merit List 2023

Jagannath University Admission Result 1st merit list and subject nomination have been published. The list of candidates for admission to the Science, Humanities, and Business Studies Unit was published on 4th November. Candidates have been assigned Subjects in this list. If there are vacancies after admission from the 1st merit list, then the 2nd merit lists will be published.

A total of 1155 candidates have been nominated for admission in different subjects in A-unit of Science Group. A total of 650 people have been nominated in B-unit of humanities and 609 people in C-unit of business studies group.

Subject allotment for A-Unit (Science) Subject allotment for B-Unit (Humanities) Subject allotment for C-Unit (Business Studies)
A Unit 4th Merit List and Migration Result B Unit 4th Merit List and Migration Result C Unit 4th Merit List and Migration Result
A Unit 2nd Merit list and Migration Result  B-Unit 2nd Merit List and Migration Result C-Unit 2nd Merit List and Migration Result
Download 1st Merit List PDF Download 1st Merit List PDF Download 1st Merit List PDF

Jagannath University Admission Result 2022

How to Know the JNU Admission Result?

The Jagannath University Result can be found from the official admission website admission.jnu.ac.bd. Students will be able to know the Jagannath University Admission Result in Details by logging in with the application ID and password. Merit positions and assigned subjects can be known from the Dashboard. Candidates on the merit list will also be informed of the result via SMS. Follow the instructions below to view the Jagannath University Merit List 2021 for A, B, and C Units.

  1. Visit the admission website admission.jnu.ac.bd.
  2. Enter the Result option or Click Here.
  3. Select your Applied Unit
  4. Type SSC, HSC, and GST Roll Number.
  5. Press the "Search" Button
  6. See detailed results from the Dashboard.


The student nominated for admission has to pay the prescribed fee for admission through Nagad, Rocket, or Sure Cash mobile banking as per the following schedule. Certificates, papers, and photographs have to be submitted to the nominated department for admission. If you want to stop auto migration, you have to apply to the concerned dean's office.

The student has to submit the following documents to the nominated department for admission.

(A) GST Admission Test Admit Card (Signed by Invigilator).

(B) Admission form printed online and 4 (four) copies of recent passport size color photograph.

(C) Original certificate and mark sheet of SSC / equivalent examination and one attested photocopy of each.

(D) Original Certificate / Mark Sheet of HSC / Equivalent Examination, Registration Card, and Certificate from Head of Educational Institution. One attested photocopy of each must also be submitted.


Jagannath University Admission Circular 2023

Jagannath University Admission Circular 2023 has been published. Only students participating in the GST Admission Test can apply online. JNU Admission Form 2021-22 can be filled through admission.jnu.ac.bd website. Jagannath University will not conduct any separate admission tests this year. Merit list will be prepared on the basis of the candidate's GST Result and SSC / equivalent and HSC equivalent result. Subjects and departments will be nominated on the basis of merit.

Through the admission notice, Jagannath University has published information regarding eligibility of application, application procedure, preparation, and publication of merit list, etc.

JNU Admission 2021-2023

Application Start: 17 October 2023

Application Deadline: 27 October 2023

Admission Website: admission.jnu.ac.bd

Undergraduate Admission Eligibility

To apply for admission to Jagannath University, the candidate has to pass HSC and equivalent examination in 2021. In addition, in 2018 or 2019, the candidate has to pass the SSC or equivalent examination.

Each unit of Jagannath University must have different qualifications for application.

Unit-A (Science): Unit-1 for Science. To apply to the science group, the candidate should have a minimum total GPA of 8.00 at SSC and HSC levels. In addition, each of the SSC and HSC levels must have a minimum GPA of 3.50 separately.

Unit-B (Humanities): This unit is for humanities. To apply here you need to have a minimum total GPA of 7.00. Also at SSC and HSC levels, the minimum GPA should be 3.00 separately.

Unit-C (Commerce): This unit is for Business Studies. To apply here, you need to have a minimum total GPA of 7.50. Also, each level must have a minimum individual GPA of 3.00.

To apply for admission in Music, Fine Arts, the total minimum GPA in SSC / Equivalent and HSC / Equivalent examinations should be 6.50. However, a lower GPA of 3.00 will not be accepted individually in HSC and SSC levels. For Drama, Film, and Television, the Minimum total GPA should have 7.00 and the Individual GPA should be 3.00.

You may follow

Jagannath University Admission Form

Jagannath University application form can be filled through admission.jnu.ac.bd website. Online application will start on 15 November 2021, from 12:00 noon. The application deadline is November 30, 2021, at 11:59 pm. Apply instruction and guidelines can be found on the admissions website. To Apply Online follow the Instruction below.

  1. Visit Admission website admission.jnu.ac.bd
  2. Click Apply Online Option for your Unit/Group
  3. Provide SSC, HSC, and GST Information
  4. Press Apply Button
  5. Complete the Application with Payment

Application Fee

At the end of the online application, Applicants have to pay an application fee of Tk.500 per unit. Application fees can be paid through bKash, SureCash, Rocket, Nagad or Teletalk.

Jagannath University Admission Circular 2022


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