International Friendship Day 2022 - 1st Sunday, August 7

International Friendship Day

Today is the International Friendship Day. Happy Friendship Day 2022. World Friends Day is celebrated on the 1st Sunday of every August. The day is celebrated in various ways. SMS, gifts, social media status, meetings, hang outs, chats, the day is celebrated in various ways.

There is no separate definition of friendship. The person whom people adopt is a friend. Anyone can be friends. People, animals, trees can also be human friends. So friendship cannot be measured on any separate scale. Human friendship with man/women, friendship with animals, friendship with trees, and friendship with environment is ancient.

Just as playmates, classmates, co-workers can be friends, siblings, spouse, children, parents can also be friends. Strangers can also be friends along the way. There is no fixed place for friendship. Friendship does not adhere to any specific age structure. Friends are the partners in sharing feelings of happiness and sorrow. A friend is someone who can be thought of as his/her own without hesitation. Friend means more than anything. The friendship is the power to understand anything without listen.

Friends are the special people in our lives who can often be trusted to say things that you can't say to anyone else. To celebrate this special bond of friendship, a special day has been marked on the calendar - which has been marked as 'Friendship Day' or 'Friends Day'.

International Friendship Day 2022

The International Friends Day 2022 declared by the United Nations is July 30. But the International Friendship Day 2022 is being celebrated on 1st Sunday of August. Usually, the International Friendship day is 7 August 2022. Usually every year people from different countries of the world celebrate the first Sunday of August as International Friendship Day. However, the Friendship Day declared by the United Nations is also celebrated in some places.

Some people celebrate their friendship day every year as starting date of their friendship. As such, the scheduled date of Friendship Day is not very important. Rather the celebration of friendship is the most important. That could happen any day. One day through friendship in their own leisure or leisure time becomes another.

International Friends Day History

Friendship Day is celebrated on different dates in different countries. On July 20, 1958, Artemio Bracho propose the World Friendship Day first. On April 27, 2011, the United Nations General Assembly declared July 30 as the official International Friendship Day. However, the practice of celebrating Friends Day has been going on in America since 1935.

In 1935, a man was killed in America. The day was the first Saturday in August. A friend of the man committed suicide the next day in protest. Afterwards, the American Congress decided to observe the first Sunday of August 1935 as Friends' Day in order to honor the contribution of friends in various fields of life. Since then, the first Sunday in August has been celebrated around the world as World Friends Day.

How is Friendship Day Celebrated?

Friendship cannot be celebrated in any particular way. This celebration is a matter of mutual tastes, likes and dislikes and exclusively its own. However, some common tradition is followed in the society to celebrate the day.

On Friendship Day, many people usually go out, hang out together, and spend time in songs, stories, poems. Many sit together and drink coffee. It depends on the friendship. Two adult friends enjoy the day in the same way, while the younger ones celebrate differently. Its celebration also depends on the inter relationship. So celebrate the day as you like, without celebrating the day in a cluttered table. Prioritize your friend's likes and dislikes when celebrating or enjoying Friendship Day.

If your friend likes to hang out, hang out with him/her. If he/she likes to listen or sing, do so. Or you can sit in any restaurant and have coffee and talk for a while.

You can send SMS or MMS to a friend at the beginning of the day. You can give status through social media by remembering friendship. You can post the message of friendship day. You can also share your memorable pictures with friends. You can also write and publish wonderful stories.

If it is not possible to go out of the house alone or if there is a limited time, you can talk to a friend in a video call. You can make phone calls or send voice messages. And do all this to the liking of you and your friend.

You can meet a friend and give him/her chocolate, ice cream or any other gift. You can also send him/her any other gift according to his/her choice and your taste. Whatever the gift, it should be to your liking and friend's liking. In that case try to give something unique rather than more valuable.

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