HSC Admission Result 2022 (1st Merit): XI Class Admission

XI Class Admission 2022

The HSC Admission Result 2022 has been published. This is the 4th Merit List for XI Class Admission 2021-22. There is a total of 3 Merit List and 2 Migration Results has been Published. However, the 5th Phase Application Result will be published on 24 March 2022. The HSC Admission 2nd Migration Result 2022 has also been Published with the HSC 3rd Merit List Result. Earlier, the 2nd Merit List was Published on 10 February and the 1st Merit List was Published on 29 January 2022. HSC College Admission Results can be found on the XI Class Admission System website xiclassadmission.gov.bd. The selected students will also be informed of the results via SMS. At the same time, the student will be given a security code via SMS. This security code needs to be saved for admission confirmation and final admission. The College Admission Result 2021-22 has been Published for Dhaka, Comilla, Rajshahi, Chittagong, Barisal, Dinajpur, Jessore, Sylhet, Mymensingh, and Bangladesh Madrasah Education Boards Students.

XI Class Admission Result 2022

There are three merit lists that will be published for admission in government and private colleges and madrasas. Also, two automatic migration results will be published. Admission of selected students has to be confirmed after publishing each merit list. Migration benefits will be available if the admission is confirmed.

Migration will be upward in the order of preference given by the student. The migration process will be fully automated. If the college changes through migration, the student does not have to re-confirm. If a student does not confirm, his / her nomination will be canceled. In that case, he/she will have to make a new primary application. The merit list, migration, and confirmation will be as per the following schedule.

  • 5th Merit List: 24 March 2022
  • 1st March 2022: 4th Merit List
  • 2 March 2022: 4th Merit List Admission Confirmation
  • 3 March 2022: 4th Phase Final Admission
  • 15 February 2022: 3rd Merit List and 2nd Migration Result.
  • 16 February to 17 February 2022: 3rd Merit List Admission Confirmation.
  • 19 February to 24 February 2022: Final admission
  • 10 February 2022: 2nd Merit List and 1st Migration Result.
  • 11 February to 12 February 2022: 2nd Merit List Admission Confirmation.
  • 29 January 2022: 1st merit list published.
  • 30 January to 6 February 2022: 1st Merit List Admission Confirmation.

How to know the HSC Admission Result 2022?

The Ministry of Education will inform the HSC Admission Result 2022 of the selected students in the merit list through SMS. SMS will be sent to the applicants mobile number mentioned in the application. Students will also be able to check the results from the XI Class Admission System website. Follow the instructions below to know the HSC Admission Result 2022 from Online.

HSC Admission Result 2022


  1. Visit xiclassadmission.gov.bd website.
  2. Go to the Results option.
  3. Login with your SSC / equivalent roll, registration number, board, pass year.
  4. View Results from the dashboard.

XI Class Admission Confirmation

The selected student of HSC Admission Result 2022 has to confirm admission. To confirm, one has to pay Tk. 228 for registration and other fees of the board. Otherwise, the nomination and application of the student will be canceled. Students whose application has been rejected can re-apply for the next phase if they want.

Security Code Recovery

The confirmation SMS received by the student after the primary application mentions a security code / PIN. The student was later given a college selection result and a security code. These two are the same security code. This security code will be required to confirm the selection. This code will also be required for final admission. This is the student's confidential code.

If a student lost the security code for any reason, it can be recovered from the website. In that case Payment transaction ID, SSC / equivalent roll, registration number, board name, pass year, mother's name, and mobile number provided at the application time will be required.

FAQ about XI Class Admission 2021-2022

Q: I have not been nominated for any college, what should I do now?

A: You will have to wait for the next merit list. If you wish, you can make new preference order or rearrange previous preferences. You do not have to pay any fee for this. If you wish to change your preferences, you must do so within the next application deadline.

Q: I have been nominated for admission to a college. What should I do now?

A: If you want to be admitted to the nominated college then you have to confirm the selection. The Confirmation has to be completed by paying Tk. 228.

Q: I was nominated for a college in HSC Admission Result 2022, but I do not want to be admitted here, what can I do?

A: If you do not want to be admitted to the nominated college, then refrain from confirmation. Failure to confirm within the stipulated time will result in the cancellation of your nomination and primary application. In that case, you can apply in the next phase. However, if you confirm, you will be considered for migration.

Q: How do I apply for Migration?

A: Migration will be completed twice automatically for HSC Admission Result 2022. The applicant does not have to do anything for migration. If you are not nominated for the first college of your choice and confirm the nominated college, you will be considered for migration. Migration will go to the first of your preferences. If there is no migration, your current nomination will remain valid.


Q: Is it possible to return to the previous college if the college is changed through migration?

A: If the college is changed through the migration process, it will not be possible to return to the previous college. Migration will always come first in the order of preference. It is automatic.

Q: HSC Admission result 2021-2022 has been published. I was nominated for a college. How do I confirm this?

A: If you are nominated for any college, you have to confirm it within the stipulated time. Confirmation fee is Tk. 228. Confirmation will be completed only after paying the confirmation fee through any bKash, rocket, Nagad, teletalk. Confirmation detailed instructions can be found on the Admissions website.

Dear Students, I hope you know your College Admission Result already. We also tried to give you a detailed instruction for admission in class XI. If you have any further questions please let us know in the comments. You can also bookmark this post or share it on your social media.


Ami kon clg a selected hoisi.. Barisal bord

আমার রোল 384038
আমার প্রথম মাইগ্রেশনের ফলাফল কি

Amar Roll 155851
Board Cumilla
Amar College konta asche

Amar Roll no.520623,
HSC admission 2nd merit list result jante chacci

2nd Merit list kibabe dekbo

reg 432528
roll 1811882765

আমার কোনো মেসেজ আসি নি কি করতে পারি

My admission result 3rd merit

Roll: 501853
Registration NO: 1816230752

Roll 160270
Reg no:1810594271
Board Dhaka

আমার নিশ্চয়ন হয়েছে কিনা,জানতে চা।

Rool 259947 reg 1818680723 registration confirm rrsult

Rool 259947 reg 1818680723 registration confirm rrsult



Ami lister 2nd collage chance paisi amar ki migratoin hobe?

Roll: 171421
Reg: 1811857191


I want to admission in Chattogram Govt. City College/chattogram govt. model college/chattogram bakalia govt. college instead of Hajera taju college. How can possible it. Please advise. My Roll: 112876 & registration : 1814721453.

Mahi dey
Roll - 104098
Reg No - 1816224581
Sylhet board

Roll:437862 reg.1710236815

Xi class admission result 3rd choice

আমি কলেজ নিশ্চয়ন করেছি, কিন্তু নিশ্চয়ন কপি প্রিন্ট করিনাই।এখন কিভাবে প্রিন্ট করবো আমি?

আমি কলেজ নিশ্চয়ন করেছি, কিন্তু নিশ্চয়ন কপি প্রিন্ট করিনাই।এখন কিভাবে প্রিন্ট করবো আমি?

নিশ্চায়ন করেছি।শুনলাম নিশ্চায়ন করলে মাইগ্রেশন অন হয়।রোল১৯৪৪৪২।। তাহলে আমার রেজাল্ট কি হচ্ছে?

Roll.166063 reg 1810848185 Board dhaka


Board : Dhakha
Plz chak my results 3rd apply

Board : Dhakha
3rd apply results plz chak my results ..

2nd migration Result...
Roll 115298
Reg.no 1814747458
Board... chattogram

2nd time migration

Roll : 821475
Reg : 1717648671
Board : Dinajpur

Resultta kindly dekhe dan plz

Roll 432097
Board Chittagong


Roll 126358 registration number 1812716210

Assalamualikum... Kono mp voktho college teke ki kono govt college a migration kora jabe?



New apply kora jabe?


roll: 222815
reg no. 1710620623
passing year: 2020
dhaka board

Roll No 716421 Rag 1718699671

Amar roll 147180 result jante cai

Roll 117154
Board Dhaka

Roll:140350 reg:2700119490

Board: tecnical

আমি কোন বোর্ড-এ সুযোগ পেয়েছি ??
Roll : 315370
Reg Roll : 2700227299

আমি কলেজে চান্স পেয়েছি.... Comfirm ও করেছি....ভর্তি হতে পারি নাই...এখন আমি কি করব...প্লিজ আমাকে কেউ সাহায্য করেন..

Roll 156329
Reg 1811821586

Roll- 307704 reg 1814750965 how to the college


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