HSC 8th week Assignment 2021 Question Paper PDF Download

HSC 8th week Assignment 2021

HSC 8th week Assignment 2021 has been published for Higher Secondary Candidates. This assignment is published today 15th September. Assignment Questions PDF published by the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education. Assignments, Instructions, Cover page and evaluation guidelines for Science, Humanities and Business Studies groups have been published.

Educational Institute in Bangladesh was closed due to the Corona pandemic. For that, it was not possible to take classes and complete the syllabus for HSC candidates. After a long time, the Colleges has been reopened and Class has been started in limited Scale for HSC Candidates 2021. The NCTB has already published a short syllabus. This assignment activity is to complete that syllabus.

Four assignments have already been completed for the 2021 HSC candidates. This is the fifth week assignment. The syllabus of Science, Humanities and Business Studies group students will be completed through a total of 30 assignments. For Each group, 3 subject has been Selected for the Assignment. Ten Assignment will be given for each subject.

HSC 8th week Assignment 2021

For the HSC Assignment 2021 8th week, two subjects have been assigned from each group. Biology / Higher Mathematics and Chemistry have been selected for the Science group 8th week Assignment. The Business Studies Group 8th week Assignment is scheduled for the Finance, Banking and Insurance / Production Management and Marketing and Accounting. Sociology / Social Work / Geography / Arabic / Home Management and Family Life and Economics / Civics and Good Governance / Logic / Food and Nutrition are scheduled for the Humanities group 8th week Assignment Answer. Classical music has also been prescribed for the students of the music group.

The HSC 2021 8th week Assignment activities will start from 16 September 2021. This activity will last up to a week. The HSC 9th week assignment will be published next week.

HSC 8th week Assignment 2021 PDF Download

HSC Assignment 2021 8th week PDF Question Paper has been uploaded on the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education website. In addition to the DSHE website, the assignment questions can be downloaded from the Dhaka, Comilla, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Jessore, Dinajpur, Sylhet, Barisal and Mymensingh Education Boards website. Published Assignment will be applicable for all General Education Board.

Although the 8th week assignment questions were published for all groups together, we separated them. Separate assignments for science, humanities and business studies group students can be downloaded from here. Assignment grids, assignment guides and cover pages can also be downloaded for all topics.


Subjects for 8th week

Question paper


Biology/ Higher Math and Chemistry

Download PDF

Business Studies

Finance, Banking and Insurance/ Production Management and Marketing and Accounting

Download PDF


Sociology/ Social  Work/ Geogaphy/ Arabic/ Home Management and Family Life and Economics/ Civics and Good Governance/ Logic/ Food and Nutrition

Download PDF


Classical Music

Download PDF

HSC 2021 8th week Assignment Answer

Like others week, students will be prepared the HSC 2021 8th week Assignment Answer for all Subjects by themselves. Assistance can be taken from teachers, guardians or anyone else while preparing the assignment. However, the Answer cannot be copied anyway or cannot be duplicated.

Answer writing Instruction has been published with HSC 2021 8th week Assignment. The Evaluation Guidelines and Cover page has also published. The 2021 HSC 8th week Assignment Notice clearly states that copied or duplicate assignments will be canceled.

Students will have to write the answers to the questions assigned for each subject assignment by hand. The chapters scheduled for the assignment should be read before creating a solution. Also write the answer following the instructions mentioned in the question paper.

We have created sample answers for all subjects in the Science, Humanities and Business Studies Group. You can create your solution with ideas from our assignments.

HSC Assignment 2021 8th week Science Answer

Biology, Higher Math and Chemistry are scheduled for the 2021 HSC 8th week Science Group Assignment. Chemistry 2nd paper, Biology 1st paper and Higher Mathematics 1st paper are scheduled for the fifth week.

Out of these three subjects, students will create assignment solutions for 2 subjects. Students do not have to make assignments in the fourth subject or optional subject.


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