How to Know HSC College Admission Result 2020

HSC College Admission Result 2020

How do you know the HSC College Admission Result 2020? Admission results of all colleges in Bangladesh will be published on 25 August 2020. The results of all the colleges except the missionary-run Notre Dame College, Holycross College, St. Joseph's College and St. Gregory's College will be published in unison.

These four colleges will take admission test in their own process and complete the admission process.

The first phase of admission application for all other government and non-government colleges under the Ministry of Education has already been completed. The first phase of the application started on August 9 and ended on August 20. The first merit list will be released on August 25 at 8 pm. Then the application of the second and third steps will start. At the end of the application, the second and third merit list will be published as usual.

The second merit list will be published on September 4 and the third merit list on September 10.

After the publication of each merit list, it has to be confirmed within the stipulated time. Students who do not confirm the nomination, their selected nomination will be canceled and will be able to apply at the next phase. But they don't have to pay the Application Fees. They just login with their SSC Roll, Registration Number and will be provided their New preference list.

Along with the college admission results, the migration results will also be published. The highest preference of the applicant will be ensured through a total of two migrations.

The First migration result will be published along with the second merit list. The 1st migration results will be released on September 4, 2020. Students do not have to re-confirm if the college changes in migration.

The second migration result will be published along with the third merit list. The 2nd migration result will be released on September 10. Just like the 1st migration, those who will change colleges do not have to re-confirm.

After publishing all the merit list and migration results of the college admission result, the college based result will be finalized. College based final Result for HSC Admission will be released on 13th September 2020, at 8 am.

Admission will start on 13th September 2020 with required documents, prescribed admission fee, photo. Admission will end on 15 September. Class start dates for the 2020-21 academic year will be announced later.

There are two ways to know the College Admission Result

Ministry of Education will be informed the Results to the Candidates through Mobile SMS. There are no need to Send SMS by Students anymore. However, the College Admission Result for all Colleges and Madrasah in Bangladesh can be Check through Central Admission System website You will be found here with Details like Your Merit position and College name where you selected for Admission.

Please keep in Mind, there are 2 (two) Automatic Migration Process will be run. So your College Selection may be changed through Migration Process. To Took the Advantage of Migration Facilities, you should be Confirm your Selection within the Time frame. If you did not Confirm your Selected college, you will not be eligible for Migration and Your Selection will be canceled.

If you are not in First Merit list, there are nothing to disappointed. There are another two Merit list will be published like First and Second Merit list. You will be Placed one of those merit list.


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