Class 9 Assignment Answer 2021 - 10th and 11th week

Class 9 Assignment Answer Solution

Class 9 Assignment 2021 has been published. Class Nine 10th weeks Assignment has been published by DSHE. Earlier, the 2020 Assignment was published for Class Nine Students. Here you will be found Class 9 Assignment Answer and Solution for all subjects for all weeks. Due to the current Corona situation in Bangladesh, the Ministry of Education has introduced the assignment system. Before that, the 8th-week assignment was published. Assignments for the 1st to 9th week have already been published. Assignment assessment methods have also been revealed. Visit our website regularly to get assignments and solutions for all the subjects of class nine every week.

You will find here continuously Class 9 Science Group Assignment Answer, Humanities group assignment solution, Business Studies group assignment solution.

Class Nine English assignment solution, math assignment solution, chemistry assignment solution, history and world civilization assignment solution of Bangladesh, business enterprise assignment solution, Bangla assignment solution, physics assignment solution, geography and environment assignment solution, accounting science assignment solution, science assignment solution, Bangladesh and World Identity Assignment Solution, Information and Communication Technology Assignment Solutions can be downloaded in image and PDF format from here. We publish all assignments weekly.

Update News: ৯ম শ্রেণির অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট কার্যক্রম চালু করেছে মাধ্যমিক ও উচ্চশিক্ষা অধিদপ্তর। পরবর্তী নির্দেশ না দেয়া পর্যন্ত এই অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট চলবে। স্বাস্থ্যবিধি অনুসরণ করে শিক্ষার্থীদেরকে অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট প্রদান ও গ্রহণ করতে হবে।

9th Week Assignment

Class 9 Assignment 9th week 2021 has been published. The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education published the assignment on 27 June. Students have to submit the solution of 9th week assignment to their respective schools. Then the 10th-week assignment will be published.

Separate subjects have been prescribed for Class Nine Science, Humanities, and Business Studies group students. Physics, Accounting, History, and Civilization of Bangladesh, Biology, Finance, and Banking, and Politics and Citizenship have been selected for the 9th week. Students will complete the assigned work by practicing the selected chapters on all these subjects and will submit the Class 9 Assignment Answer for 9th Week.

Sl. Subjects Assigned Work/ Chapter
01. Physics Assignment Answer  
02. Accounting Assignment Answer  
03. History of Bangladesh and World Civilization Assignment Answer  
04. Biology Assignment  Answer  
05. Finance and Banking Assignment Answer  
06. Civics Assignment Answer  

8th Week Assignment Answer 2021

Class 9 Assignment activities of 8th week have started. It was published on June 20, 2021. Separate subjects have been scheduled for Science, Humanities and Business Studies groups for the 8th week assignment. Bengali, Higher Mathematics, Agricultural Education, Home Science, Economics and Arts and Crafts have been scheduled for the 8th week of Class Nine. Students will prepare solutions to these subjects within the stipulated time and submit them to their respective schools.

Sl. Subjects Chapter/ Assigned Work
01. Bangla Assignment Poem (Bangabani- Abdul Hakim)
02. Higher Mathematics 2nd Chapter
03. Agricultural Studies 1st Chapter: Agricultural Technology
04. Home Science Chapter-6
05. Economics 1st Chapter
06. Arts and Crafts 1st Chapter

7th Week Assignment

The Class Nine 7th Week assignment has been published on 13 June 2021. Mathematics, Chemistry, Business Entrepreneurship, Geography and Environment have been assigned for Class 9 7th Week Assignment Answer. All these subjects have to be prepared for the assignment and submitted to the school within the stipulated time. Students will collect the next assignment by submitting the answer.

Sl Subjects Assigned Work/Chapter
01. Mathematics Chapter-3
02. Chemistry Chapter-2
03. Business Entrepreneurship Chapter-1
04. Geography and Environment Chapter-2

6th week Assignment

Class 9 Week 6 Assignment has been Published by the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education. The Assignment Subject for 6 weeks is ICT, Physics and History of Bangladesh and World Civilization. We are Preparing Class 8 Assignment 6 Answer Solution. Please Visit us later or wait for the Answer. Already we have prepared some Assignments for Class Nine Students. You will be found here those Answer Solution. Follow the Subject Based Answer Solution for 6th Week Assignment of Class Nine.

Sl Subjects Assigned Work/ Chapter
01. Information and Communications Technology ICT Chapter-1
02. Physics Chapter-1
03. History of Bangladesh and World Civilization Chapter-2
04. Accounting Assignment Answer Chapter-1

5th Week Assignment

Class 9 Assignment for 5th week has been published. Students will submit 5th-week assignments to their respective school due dates. The 5th-week assignments include English, Bangladesh and Global Studies (BGS) and Science). Assignment solutions for the 5th week will be published continuously. Here you will find assignment solutions for all subjects.

Sl Subjects Assigned Work/ Chapter
01. English Unit-2
02. Bangladesh and Global Studies Chapter-3
03. Science Chapter-2
  • 4th Week Assignment Solution: The 4th week assignment of Class 9 has already been published. The subjects for the 4th-week assignment of Class 9 for the solution of the subject based assignment below. We will continue to publish weekly Class 9 Assignment Answer weekly. Assignments for all subjects of the 4th week are published below. The Class 9 4th week Assignments Solution has been Prepared for English, Mathematics, Chemistry, History of Bangladesh, and Civilization and Business entrepreneurship.
  • 3rd Week Assignment Solution: The Class Nine 3rd week assignment 2020 has already been published. The assignment solution scheduled for the 3rd week has already been published. The subjects scheduled for the third week are Science, Bangladesh and Global Studies, ICT and Business entrepreneurship . Students have also submitted assignments to their respective schools. If you still have some school assignments left to submit, you can get ideas from the following subject based assignment solutions about the assignments for the subjects scheduled for the third week. You must create the assignment yourself. Copying assignments will deprive you of good marks.
  • 2nd Week Assignment Solution: Take a look at the Class Nine 2nd week assignment solution below. Assignment subjects scheduled for the 2nd week of Class 9 are Math, Science, Physics, Geography, Accounting. Assignment solutions for the subject scheduled for the 2nd week have already been published. Assignment submission process has also been completed in the school. Present all the assignments that were scheduled for the 2nd week in your own way. If necessary, seek help from the following topic-based assignment solutions.

Class 9 Assignment Answer 2021 [All Week]

Mathematics Assignment Solutions

Class Nine math assignment solutions have been published. The latest 4th week math assignment has been published. Earlier, there were math assignments of others week also. Math assignment for 4th week of Class 9 is given below. There will also be 4th week math assignment solutions as well as all other week assignments. Click here to get all week Class 9 math assignment solutions.

English Assignment Answer

English assignment for 5th week of Class 9 has been published. There was also an English assignment in the 4th week. Students will create English assignments through their textbook practice and submit it to their school. Work is underway to create English assignment Answer solution. Once the solution is created you will receive a consistent all week English assignment solution from here.

Bangla Assignment Solution

Class 9 Assignment Answer for BanglaDear Class Nine students, for your convenience, we have created Class 9 Bangla assignment solution. In the 5th week assignment, Bangla subject is prescribed for you. Also the first assignment was scheduled in Bengali. You should read the "পল্লিসাহিত্য" part of your textbook well and present the topics assigned for the assignment as yourself.

We have also prepared Class 9 Bangla Assignment Answer for your convenience. The assignment you create can be compared to our assignment. Click here for Class Nine Bangla Assignment Answer. Present our assignment as you would without writing it down. This will increase your proficiency in Bengali language and literature as well as your Bengali teacher will be able to assess your proficiency in Bengali subjects.

If your Bangla assignment is different from others then the teacher will give you good marks. Note that this is your last assignment on Bangla. The Bengali subject was not included in the 6th assignment.

History Assignment Solution

There are history assignments for Class Nine students. Students will submit the history of Bangladesh and world civilization assignment to their school. This is the 4th week assignment. The third and 1st assignments were also about this subject.

We have already prepared Class 9 History of Bangladesh and World Civilization Assignment; you can see it from here if you want. This is the end of the 4th week assignment. It was not kept for the 6th week.

Create your own assignment with ideas from our assignments. Be sure to practice your textbook well before making an assignment. Before submitting the assignment to your educational institution, make sure that there are no errors or omissions.

BGS Assignment Solution

The Class Nine Bangladesh and Global Studies Assignment have been scheduled for 6th week. Class 9 students will prepare BGS assignment for their 6th week assignment and submit it to their school. We have already prepared the Bangladesh and Global Studies BGS 6th week assignment solution, which you will find here. You read chapter 16 of your textbook and complete the assignment. If you want, you can customize from the assignments we have prepared or you can prepare your BGS Assignment with ideas from us.

Also, if you have already prepared your assignment, you can justify it with our assignment.

The Bangladesh and Global Studies Assignment was also selected as 2nd and 3rd week assignments for Class IX students.

General Science Assignment

Class Nine general science subject has been included 6th week assignment. There was also general science as an assignment for the 2nd and 3rd week.

We Prepared Class 9 science assignment solutions. You can prepare assignments on the assigned task as you like and match it with the assignments we prepared. You can also customize our assignment as you wish and submit it to your school. It will be submitted to the school after checking whether there is any kind of wrong information. Remember that copied assignments will not be accepted by your school. So you rearrange our assignments a little differently without copying exactly.

Physics Assignment Solution

The 6th and 5th week assignment of Class 9 has physics subject for the students of science group. We have created solutions for physics assignments for both of 6th and 5th week already. You can match our solution with the solution you created. This will make the physics assignment you have created more accurate. Click here to solve Class 9 physics assistant.

Physics was also the subject of the 2nd week assignment. You can follow our assignment if you want. But don't copy exactly. Because, many students will follow our assignment. Instead, make assignments like yours with ideas from us. Your physics teacher will give you a good mark. You can also follow our assignment solutions on other subjects from here.

Chemistry Assignment

Chemistry is a subject in the 4th week assignment for Class Nine science group students. There are also 6th week assignments. Since this is an important subject, you will solve the chemistry assignment with utmost importance. If you want, you can take a look at the chemistry assignment we have prepared. You can create your Chemistry assignment with ideas from our assignment. Of course, before creating an assignment, you should read the chapter assigned to your assignment carefully.

Geography Assignment

Class 9 6th week assignment has geography subject. It was also in the 5th week assignment. We have already prepared solutions for the 5th and 6th week geography assignments. Create your assignment by following at the Class 9 geography assignment solution we created. You will be found here all week Assignment for All Subject from here.

However, in no way will you submit to your school the exact assignment we prepared. You should carefully read the chapters scheduled for the 6th and 5th week and complete the tasks scheduled for your assignment.

Accounting Assignment

For Business Studies Group Students of Class Nine, we prepared the Assignment Solution for Accounting. This is a Important Subject for Business Studies Students. Click here for Class Nine Accounting Assignment Solution and Prepare your Assignment Answer with your own.

Business Entrepreneurship

Business Entrepreneurship is a Important Subject for Class Nine Business Studies Students. This Subject included in your Week 4 Assignment. We prepared Class Nine Business Entrepreneurship Assignment Solution for you. You can prepare your Assignment by following our prepared assignment.

Disclaimer: The original assignment of class IX has been collected from the official website of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education. Assignment solutions on different subjects have also been collected from different sources. Result Bangladesh will not be responsible in any way for any wrong solution or mistake. It is the responsibility of the student to create the assignment. We only publish assignment solutions for assistance. So the solution of the assignment of different subjects should be verified and used at one's own risk and should be presented as one's own.


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