Class 6 Assignment Answer 2021 - 10th and 11th week

Class 6 Assignment Answer Solution

Class 6 Assignment 2021 has been published. This is the 9th week assignment. Students have to solve the assignment and submit the answers and solutions to their respective educational institutions. Earlier, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th,8th, and 9th week assignments for class six were published by the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education DSHE. After completion of the Class 6 Assignment 9th week, the 10th-week Assignment will be Published.

Educational institutions will provide assignments to the students and will receive the completed assignment within the stipulated date. Students will resolve assignments at their responsibility and submit them to their respective schools by the due date.

Class 6 Assignment preparation, evaluation, and detailed instructions are published with the assignment. Teachers of the prescribed subjects will evaluate the assignment. In the assignments received, the teacher will write their assessment and give the necessary instructions to the students.

It is to be noted that all schools, colleges and educational institutions in Bangladesh are closed due to the current Covid-19. The Department of Secondary and Higher Education launched assignment activities under the direction of the Ministry of Education to keep the education activities running.

These assignment activities were introduced from last year. The Assignment System is still running for the Students of the academic year of 2021. Assignments are suspended after three assignments have already been completed in this year. After that, the Assignment activities has been restarted.

Update News:  ষষ্ঠ শ্রেণির শিক্ষার্থীদের অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট কার্যক্রম আবার চালু করা হয়েছে।

Class 6 Assignment Answer Solution 2021

Students will prepare the assignment themselves. For each assignment, assignment has to be made on the prescribed subject and submitted to the respective educational institution. If one person copies another's assignment and submits it to the school, his/her assignment will not be accepted. So it is important to practice the chapters assigned to any subject assignment without copying the assignments of others. Family members can be assisted in the practice. At the end of the exercise, assignments will have to be made on the prescribed topics. Make sure that the assignment is separate and distinct from the others. Each assignment should be accompanied by a cover page with your name, category, roll number, etc.

Class 6 Assignment Answer

10th week Assignment 2021

For Class Six, the 10th Week Assignment Answer has been Published. After completion it, the 11th week Assignment will be Published.

9th Week Assignment Answer

Class 6 Assignment 9th Week has been published. The 9th week assignment includes two subjects, Bangla and Science. Write the answer of Bangla and Science Assignment and submit it to your respective school. Students will collect 9th week assignments at the time of submission of 8th week assignment solution. Class Six Students will be collect the 10th Week Assignment after submission the 9th Week Assignment Answer and Solution. Note that the assignment of these two subjects was also pre-determined.

Sl. Subjects Assigned Work/ Chapter
01. Bangla Assignment Answer Nil Nod and Piramider desh
02. Science Assignment Answer Chapter-2

8th Week Assignment Answer

The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education has published the 8th week assignment of Class 6. The Class Six 8th week assignment includes English and Arts and Crafts. The 8th week assignment was published on 20 June 2021.

Students will study the assigned chapters well and prepare their assignments. Assigned subject English and Arts and Crafts assignments will be collected by the students from their respective schools and the answers of the assignments will be prepared and submitted to the school. Students or Guardians will Collect Class 6 Assignment 9th week during submitting the 8th week Assignment. The assignment can be collect or submitted by the student's guardian instead. Of course, all the activities have to be done following the health rules.

We have prepared assignment solutions for all the subjects of 8th week for you. You see the answers we make, make your assignment and submit it to your school. Of course, you will create assignments with your creativity without copying the assignment solution we created.

Sl. Subject Assignment Work
01. English Assignment Lesson-5: Thanks for your Work
02. Arts and Crafts Assignment Chapter 3, Lesson 1 to 6

7th Week Assignment Answer

Class 6 7th week assignment 2021 has been published. This assignment was published on 13 June 2021. Students will receive this new assignment by submitting their previous assignment to the school. Complete the assigned work for the assignment within the stipulated time frame and submit it to the school. Students will receive the 8th week assignment when submitting the 7th week assignment.

Class 6 Assignment for the 7th week is Assignment-2. The seventh week assignment includes math, and religion. In addition to math subjects, students of all religions will prepare assignments on their religious subjects and submit them to the school. Religion and moral education are - Islam and moral education, Hinduism and moral education, Christianity and moral education and Buddhism and moral education.

Subject-based teachers will evaluate the assignments as students prepare assignments and submit them to the school, and will advise students on identifying weaknesses.

Sl. Subject Assignment Chapter Answer and Solution
01. Mathematics Chapter-1 Download Assignment
02. Islam Chapter-2 Download Assignment
03. Hinduism Chapter-2 Download Assignment
04. Christianity Chapter-1 Download Assignment
05. Buddhism Chapter-2 Download Assignment

6th Week Assignment

Class 6 assignment has been published for 6th week . This assignment was published today, June 7, 2021. The assignment can be downloaded from the website of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education DSHE. Students will collect the sixth week assignment from their respective educational institutions within the stipulated time frame. Prepare assignments for the prescribed subjects within the prescribed time frame and submit to the school. Subject-based teachers will evaluate the assignment and provide feedback. Evaluation guidelines have also been published.

The Class 6 6th week assignment consists of three subjects, English, Agricultural Studies and Home Science.



Assignment Chapter

Assignment Answer and Solution



Lesson 2: Congratulations! Well done!

Download Assignment


Agricultural Studies

Chapter-1: Agriculture in our Life

Download Assignment


Home Science

Chapter-4: Family and Child

Download Assignment

5th Week Assignment

The Class 6 Assignment 5th week has been published on 30th May 2021. Students will be given 5th week assignments by their respective schools and will be given a deadline to submit. Students will prepare assignments for the 5th week and submit in their respective schools. The During the Submission Period of 5th Week Assignment Answer, they will collect the 6th week Assignment. Guardians will also be able to collect and submit assignments on behalf of the students.

The 5th week of class 6 assignment has two subjects of Bengali and career and life oriented education. You have to complete the prescribed chapter or assigned work for these two subjects and submit it to the school.

Sl. Subjects Assigned Work/Chapter
01. Bangla Minu (Story)
02. Career and Life Oriented Education Chapter-1

4th week assignment 2021

Class 6 Assignment has been Published for 4th week. The 4th week assignment for class 6 students has been published on 23rd May 2021. The Department of Secondary and Higher Education DSHE publishes this assignment on their website

The 4th week assignment of class six has two subjects of Science and Arts and Crafts.

Students will complete assignments on these two subjects and submit them to their respective schools in a timely manner. The science teachers of their respective schools and the teachers of arts and crafts will evaluate the assignments of all the students, record their opinions and give necessary instructions. Also, teachers will be reserved these assignments as needed. On the basis of this assignment the student will be passed to the next class.

10th Week Assignment

Class 6 Assignment 10th week will be Published after Completion the 9th Week Assignment. Students will be collect the 10th Week Assignment when submit the 9th Week Assignment Answer. The Time Frame will be mentioned about the Next week Assignment for Class Six.

Disclaimer: Dear Class Six Students, Educational institutions are closed in Bangladesh due to the current Corona situation. In order to keep the education system running in this situation, the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education Under Ministry of Education has introduced the assignment system for the assessment of Class 6 students. This system will continue as long as the education system is not active and normal.

We have published a series of assignments to help Class Six students. We publish the solution and assignment presentation method as soon as the weekly assignment is published. Students will only get ideas from here on how to solve the assignment. They will also learn all aspects of the Class 6 student presentation from here. In any case, without copying the assignment of any subject, they will write it as his/her own with the help from here.

It should be noted here that the solution of the assignment of different subjects is to be collected from different sources. So it is normal to have any mistakes. Result Bangladesh is not responsible in any way if there is a mistake in solving the assignment of any subject of Class VI. You will prepare your own assignment with ideas from here.


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