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Lockdown Movement Pass

Bangladesh Police has introduced Lockdown Movement Pass. This pass will be needed to get out of the house. For this you have to use a special app of BD police. The app will be available from the Bangladesh police website movementpass police gov bd.

Movement pass can be used only in case of emergency. This pass will need to get out of the house and come back. This pass of the road has to show law enforcement.

Lockdown has started in Bangladesh from 28 June 2021. This lockdown will last for 7 days. Movement pass must be taken in this lockdown. The Bangladesh Police has already announced the details of what needs to be done. However, this pass will not be required for media personnel. The identity card of their own organization will be considered as a movement pass, the police headquarters said.

News Update: There will be no movement pass of the police in this lockdown.

Police launched this special app to control the movement of people in lockdown on Tuesday. After the launch of the app called Movement Pass, 15,000 applications were submitted every minute, but in the evening it has increased to 20,000. 1 lakh 25 thousand applications were submitted in the first hour. The Inspector General of Police (IGP) inaugurated the app around 11:30 am on Tuesday.

What will happen to the marginalized people, those who do not have internet system, no smartphone, how will they collect this pass? If no one from the marginalized population can, they can take the help of a neighbor.

Who can apply for Movement Pass?

Only Specific Person or Industry can be apply for Lockdown Movement Pass 2021. Passes can be applied for exit for grocery shopping, raw materials, purchase of medicines, medical, employment, agriculture, transportation of goods, supply of goods, distribution of relief, wholesale / retail purchase, tourism, funeral, business and other urgent reasons.

Movement pass is required to travel outside Dhaka also. Besides, multiple passes cannot be taken with one mobile number.

Every time a pass is required for travel, a pass can be used once. You have to apply for two separate passes to go and come.

Required information for Lockdown Movement Pass

The applicant should specify from which police station area to go to which police station area, name of applicant, gender, age, reason of travel, date and time of use of pass, expiry date and time of pass, identity card, and photo will be required for Bangladesh Police Movement Pass.

National Identity Card, Driving License, Passport, Birth Registration or Student ID Card can be used as identity card.

How to Apply for Movement Pass (Movementpass police gov bd)

Lockdown Movement passes can be collected by Bangladesh Police from the website of Bangladesh Police. Applications can only be made online. To pass the movement, you have to go to the website https://movementpass.police.gov.bd/ and apply.

You must give an active mobile phone number at the beginning. The applicant will be asked where to go. That information has to be given step by step. Then the applicant has to upload a picture and submit the form.

Movement pass will be issued on the basis of the information provided by the applicant in the submitted form. The pass can be downloaded from the website.

Members of the on-duty police will have to show the pass while moving in the lockdown.


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