: NU Student Vaccine Registration : National University Vaccine Registration

National University NU Students Corona Vaccine Registration can be completed through the website. The National University Bangladesh has already issued a notice stating that all students who have a national identity card must provide information through for COVID 19 Vaccine Registration by 15 January 2022. For those who do not have a National Identity Card, they can also be registered for NU Corona Vaccine Registration 2022 Current Phase. The Notice will be published on website. Students can be Registered with their NID or Birth Registration Number.

Be sure to check out some information before starting the NU coronavirus vaccine Registration Process. It will save your time and there are less possibility to making any mistakes. Just as you have to read the problem for any misinformation, it is also difficult to correct.

NU Corona Vaccine Registration 2022

The National University NU Student Vaccine Registration is compulsory for all students, under affiliated College and Institute to NU. Even if you have already received the First doze or Second dose of the vaccine, you still need to register. If you have not received or do not want to receive the vaccine, it does not matter. You still need to register. Please note that vaccination registration has nothing to do with receiving or not receiving a vaccine. If you do not want to be vaccinated, you will not be forced to. However, information has to be provided for the overall vaccination statistics. You may not be able to register later. Follow the Required information to fill up NU Corona Virus Vaccine Registration Form as a student.

  • Write your NID Number Correctly according to the National Identity Card. Later, your Identity will be verified with this NID Number on Surokkha Portal.
  • Provide a Valid Mobile Number. All information will be sent to this mobile number.
  • Keep your Honors / Masters / Degree / Professional registration number at hand.
  • Have you already taken any dose of vaccine? If so, select "Yes" in the specified option. If you have not received any vaccine, select "No".
  • Are you a hall / hostel resident student? Select your Residential Stauts in this option.

Do I need any Paper to Register for NU Covid Vaccine?

No paperwork is required for the registration of the NU Covid 19 vaccine. Even No paper has to be submitted anywhere after completion the registration. Basic Information will be required to completed the Registration. This is a data collection process. Once the data collection activities are completed, the National University will bring their students under the vaccination program. NU Authority will be informed the Applicants about next procedure with a notice. Already other universities have started bringing their students under the vaccine.

  2. National University students can register their vaccine through the website link Follow the steps below to complete the registration.
  3. Visit the vaccination website [Registration Link] first.
  4. Provide the registration number according to your registration card.
  5. See your detailed information.
  6. Provide your national identity card NID number, mobile number and all other necessary information.
  7. Submit the form.

You will be notified via a notification if your registration is successful. Once the registration is completed, it will not be possible to register a second time. If there is a problem with the registration due to a server error, try again. Once the information has been provided, reload the page repeatedly or press F5 if there is a problem after applying.

Please do not wait for the deadline. Complete the registration before the deadline. Because towards the end the server will be very busy. This may disrupt your registration.


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